Did Cooper Get Adopted?

A few of you savvy investigative readers have noticed that Cooper has disappeared from Agape’s “Adoptable Dogs” page on their website.  Of course the natural question that followed has been, “Did Cooper get adopted??”

Coopers 192

First off let me say – shame on you, readers! Did you honestly think I would let Cooper get adopted after a year and a half at Foster House and not let you know immediately??  Well, I’m so sorry to disappoint, but no, Cooper has not been adopted, and no – we have not foster failed and adopted him ourselves. He is, however, temporarily off the market.

Coopers 201

As we’ve mentioned before, Cooper is “working on himself.” We’ve been through Basic Obedience classes, Relaxed Rovers class, even Agility – in the hopes that we could help Cooper learn some skills that would ease his anxiety. It’s been a process, and it continues to be a process. Cooper hasn’t improved as much as we’d like in the “plays well with others” department.  When it comes right down to it, Cooper is darn unpredictable around strange dogs.  So we’re going to put Cooper through another round of training, then reevaluate to see what he needs.

Coopers 204

So for now, Cooper is in limbo, hanging out where he has been for the past 18 months – with us at Foster House, where he is happy, healthy, and loved.  Trust me when I tell you that when Cooper DOES finally find his furever family, you will have to be living in a cave under the ocean not to know about it, because I will be shouting it from the rooftops and writing it in the sky!

Super Cooper may be of the market for now, but Agape Animal Rescue has lots of amazing wonderful adorable loving dogs who need loving furever homes. To add one of them to your family, please fill out an online application.



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12 responses to “Did Cooper Get Adopted?

  1. It took about two minutes for this page to load and I didn’t think I was going to make it! Obviously, I want him to find his forever home, but championing him….well that makes my heart happy too. We are all works in progress Cooper, we stand ‘in-training’ with you!


  2. I feel ya on the “dogs in training” mantra. Fingers crossed that another round of training is just the ticket for Mr. Cooper! 🙂


  3. It’s great that you’ve been able to do so much training with Cooper. I hope you can figure out how to best help him “play well with others.” I kinda figure Eddie will never be too fond of strange dogs, so we just keep trucking along on helping him be less fearful of them and teaching him what good behavior around other dogs looks like.


    • That is I think all we can hope for too…Cooper will never be a “dog park dog,” which is fine. But if he could learn how not to FREAK every time he sees another dog, that’d be a bonus! LOL


      • Absolutely. We’ve been working on “look” since December but often have to shove the treat bag in his face to get his attention. We started having a breakthrough with Eddie recently by dropping kibble in front of him before he reacted. Learning “place” in class in combination with Rescue Remedy also helped. Still working on the new neighbor dogs, which were surprisingly a non-issue until one escaped and ran right up to our screen door.


  4. I hope another round of training goes well, our fingers will be crossed for you Cooper!


  5. Good luck Cooper, you are a wonderful and handsome dog and I hope the training works a treat.


  6. You’re so dedicated — thanks for the update. :0) I love checking in on Cooper and will keep fingers crossed!


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