28 Things You’re Gonna LOVE about Cooper: #15

This next item about Cooper that you are going to LOVE is a very usefull trait, if you don’t happen to have a book or a shoe handy…

#15 Spidah Killah

Have problems with an insect infestation? Don’t hire an exterminator, adopt Cooper!

If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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6 responses to “28 Things You’re Gonna LOVE about Cooper: #15

  1. Oh em gee, that is pure awesomeness!!!! That is an extremely handy skill! Melvin has been known to jump on the couch and cry at the sight of a spider. Cooperific!!!!


  2. That’s an awesome skill to have considering I freak out and scream like the girl I am at the sight of the smallest icky critter. Boomer usually stares at me like I’ve gone insane and Dottie runs and hides under the bed. You’re awesome Cooper!


  3. Definitely a handy skill! A couple of my dogs like to take care of stink bugs, but they aren’t exactly kind and the poor bug suffers a bit until its final demise 😉


  4. LOL! I’ve never seen Badger or Mushroom eat a bug, which is just as well, because we have a “gently take them outside” policy. We could use a Cooper to clean up all the ladybugs that crawl into our apartment to commit suicide, though.


  5. I HATE spiders. I can’t even be in the same room as one unless it gets ‘taken care of.’ Sounds like I need a Cooper in my life! 🙂


  6. Awesome, my dogs completely ignore spiders but they love chasing flys 🙂


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