28 Things You’re Gonna LOVE About Cooper: #13 – 14

Cooper’s People are out there somewhere, we know it. And just in case they’re reading this blog,* we’ve been speaking directly to them  in our series “28 Things You’re Gonna LOVE About Cooper.”
*Shameless plug: won’t you please help spread the word about Cooper by sharing this blog with a dog-lover you know? It’s all about networking, people! Let’s find Cooper his home!!  OK, now back to business…

So, Cooper’s People, what else are you going to LOVE about Cooper once you add him to your family? Glad you asked…

#13 He’s secure in his manhood (…cuz he’s a real man)

Cooper has some tendencies that one might consider less-than-manly. Cooper pees like a girl (he’s a squatter, not a lifter).  He loves getting man-lovin’ from his brother, and his favorite ball is pink.

Coopers 155

What you’re going to love about Cooper is that he is who he is, and he likes what he likes. And hey, we don’t judge. Who’s to say boys can’t like pink? We’re all about busting through stereotypes here at Foster House.

#14 Easily amused.

As much as Cooper loves his “girly ball,” you won’t need fancy expensive toys to keep him entertained. One of Cooper’s favorite things to play with is a kitchen floor full of wadded up newspaper.

I think it’s really just his way of staying up to date on current events.

If you want to add Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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9 responses to “28 Things You’re Gonna LOVE About Cooper: #13 – 14

  1. Callie's Mom

    I love how they stay on the carpet!


    • Ha yep, Cooper actually learned that from Oscar. Oscar isn’t fond of the tile or wood floors, so he likes to stick to carpet. We even have to feed him on the living room rug, goofy dog. Cooper couldn’t care less either way, he just does what his big brother does! 🙂


  2. Cooper! Cooper!! Cooper!!! This is me chanting the word that this dog needs to get scooped up!!!!


  3. So cute! Mr B doesn’t lift his leg either (probably because of his arthritis but we won’t tell anyone 😉 ) and he too thinks paper is an awesome toy!


  4. Love the Salt n Pepa reference there… now I know what I’ll be singing this afternoon! 😉


  5. Nigel’s a squatter too!! We’d be happy to post about Cooper sometime soon. 😀


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