Easter Chicks

Foster House had some fluffy guests over Easter weekend…

Chickens 005

Aren’t they cute??  These three lovely ladies are new additions to our friends Mike, Ashley & Libby’s family. While Mike and Ashley were out-of-town, Libby brought her new three chick siblings to visit us at Foster House for the weekend.

Chickens 002

Last year, Nashville passed an ordinance to allow keeping urban chickens.  As much as I love the idea of raising our own food, our backyard is just too tiny to hold a chicken coop. Not to mention with foster dogs coming and going, we might end up going through chickens faster than we went through eggs. (Eeesh)  But with a huge back yard and a very well behaved pooch, Mike and Ashley jumped at the chance for fresh eggs. 

Chickens 008

For now, these three little nuggets (see-what-i-did-there?) live in this cardboard box, but Ashley is hoping that the weather in Nashville starts cooperating soon so they can move out into their coop,* and then hurry up and start producing yummy fresh eggs.  

*coop: not to be confused with this Coop:

Coopers 130

Does anyone else have experience with rasing hens?  Do you have any advice for Mike and Ashley?  And, probably most importantly, what should they name their gals? Any ideas?



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3 responses to “Easter Chicks

  1. Cute chicks! We don’t know much about chickens or hens but will be learning when we move to the country later this year.


  2. This is so cool! I remember when we first moved into our house I kept hearing a rooster and thought it was odd in the city to hear that unlike the farm I grew up on. As it turns out our neighbors had chickens!

    The sad thing is the when they moved they left the rooster behind and one day when I went outside to get our mail it decided to chase me and peck at me! I swear it was an attack rooster and had to call animal control which is when I found out you can’t have chickens in the city so our neighbors were breaking the law which is probably why this guy was left behind.


  3. Urban chicken coops are starting to become popular in Kansas City too…although Daniel definitely said we weren’t going to be jumping on that bandwagon due to Turk’s hatred of all things avian! 😉 Those little chickies are super cute though!


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