Breakfast with Waffle

Check out my hot breakfast date I had this morning.

Waffle (1)

This is Waffle. Is she precious or what??  Last week, poor little Waffle was found abandoned in a parking lot at a Waffle House (hence, her adorable and somehow very fitting name).  Luckily for her, Agape Animal Rescue’s new office manager, Rebecca, just happened to be driving by and, well – welcome to the Agape family, Waffle!

Waffle (4)

Waffle desperately needed to hitch a ride to the vet to take care of some “surgical lady business” before she started “feeling romantic.” (OK, OK, she needed to get spayed before she went into heat.) Let’s just say, time was of the essence. Unfortunately Rebecca, who is temporarily fostering her until she’s ready to go to her foster family, was busy with other Agape business and unable to take her.

I’ve wanted to cross “transport” off of my rescue bucket list for a while now. Even though this was just a short trip to the vet’s office and only took a couple of hours out of my morning, it was a huge help to Agape. And, bonus for me, I got to start my day with this precious face!  I admit it, I was smitten. As much as I love all 100 pounds of dog currently living at Foster House, but sometimes I just want to scoop up a tiny little fur ball and love on her. And at 16 pounds, precious Waffle fit the bill.

Waffle (5)

 That’s right folks, just 16 pounds – she’s so tiny! And at three years old, she’s full-grown! A full-grown Beagle at just 16 pounds…some of the Agape folks have called her a “Pocket Beagle,” but I’ve dubbed her a “Beagle Bite.” Much better, right?

If you want to get involved in rescue, but are unable to donate or foster, please consider making yourself available to transport. A few hours out of your day can be an enormous help to rescue organizations. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might get to hang out with a pup as awesome as Waffle.

Waffle (3)

Waffle will soon be available for adoption. If you’d like to add this little Beagle Bite to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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15 responses to “Breakfast with Waffle

  1. Beagle bite! You’re so clever.

    And, I didn’t know a ‘rescue bucket list’ was a real thing, but I have one too! In fact, I have a post I am working on about it! It’s like you read my mind..


  2. Shelley

    awww…thanks for volunteering your time…as usual 🙂


  3. Cute! I had a very short-term foster that I named Waffles. He was an old boxer with too many quirks, haha. Love the beagles too!


  4. Oh Waffle is just too cute for words and the name is perfect! I love Beagles and a little pocket size one like this is just happiness deluxe. I do hope she finds a perfect home quickly.


  5. Beagle Bite! I love it. I had a little beagle mix when I was younger and she was the best. And I can certainly understand your desire to love on a little one; I’ve got nearly 180lbs of dog currently at my place!


  6. Waffle, the Beagle Bite… that’s just too cute! I’m sure she’ll find a forever home in no time.

    I know what you mean about sometimes wanting to scoop up a smaller pup to cuddle, Boomer and Dottie weigh a little too much for me to do that.


  7. Waffles is so cute! She’ll be adopted in no time. 🙂


  8. Waffle is adorable! Great name too.


  9. Oh man, she is ADORABLE!!!! I’m sure she’ll get scooped up soon. 🙂


  10. Waffle!! Too cute! And beagle bite…had me on the floor…love it!

    I’ve been wanting to help with a transport, but it just never seems to work out…but I’m always looking! Thanks for helping this girl out!


  11. Love the Waffle/Beagle Bite/Pocket Beagle!


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