Happy (?) Anniversary, Cooper

Alright, Coop. This is getting ridiculous. One year ago today, Oscar and I sprung out from the shelter. For one full year now, you’ve taken up residence at Foster House.  Twelve months. 52 weeks. 365 days. A year, Cooper? Really?

One year ago today.

One year ago today.

I love you to bits and pieces, but really kid – ya gots ta GO! And I say that with love, I really do.  I will adore you forever, and you will always be in my heart, you know that. But seriously, you’re being a little selfish. There are other dogs out there who need us, other dogs who we haven’t been able to help because you are occupying a very valuable spot in our house – the “foster spot.” I know, we experimented a couple of times with being a three-dog household.  While I admire folks who can handle a life where the dogs outnumber the humans, quite frankly – that ain’t us.

New Pack 016.1

I blame myself, really. We’ve made it way too easy for you to settle in here and set up shop in our hearts (…and on our couch, and in our bed…) You got comfortable. We got comfortable. Oscar got comfortable. Shoot, if I were you, I wouldn’t want to leave either!

Coopers 084

It’s hard not to get frustrated with the lack of interest we’ve had in you. Sometimes it seems like we’ve done it all – obedience training, agility classes, campaigns and public exposure…what are we missing here??  The problem is that I know exactly what the problem is. You’re not “easily adoptable.”  We can’t honestly answer “yes” to any of the typical questions that people ask about you when they’re looking to add a dog to their family: “Is he good with kids? Is he good with other dogs? Is he good with cats?” Unfortunately the short answer to each of these questions is “no.”

Coopers 032

“Whatcha mean? But I’m a Good Dog…”

However, there’s so much more to you than just a short answer. I don’t like to make blanket statements about any dogs…

“Labs are good family dogs.”

“Boxers are athletic.”

“Rottweilers are loyal.”

While these statements might be true of some Labs, some Boxers, and some Rottweilers, it isn’t true of all of them. Dogs are individuals, and painting them with broad strokes does them a disservice. Just like making generalizations about you, Cooper, does you disservice.  So the problem is that if someone is interested in adopting you, unless they read back through all 95 posts I’ve written about you in the past year, all they hear is the short answer to the questions they ask.

Cooper 330

Cooper my boy, I am not even close to giving up on you. Someday, someone is going to fall so in love with you that they’re going to want to hear the long answers to their questions. That will be the right Person for you.  And I will not rest until I find that person…your Person.

If you are Cooper’s Person, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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19 responses to “Happy (?) Anniversary, Cooper

  1. Oh Coop (and Laura)…. I know how much it sucks to feel like all hopes of a furever family are a longshot. 😦 I felt that with Polly and I felt that with Ginger…. then, seemingly out of nowhere, the PERFECT families came along for them. Just keep the faith, it WILL happen for you and it will be the best family Cooper could ever have hoped for! 🙂


    • I know that you’re right…and the last thing I want to do is “hurry up” and get him adopted, I really want the “right” family for Cooper – he deserves it! I know you’re right, I know it in my brain, but it’s so hard to see him passed over time and again because he’s not “the perfect package.” He’s perfect for someone, they just have to find him!


  2. Cooper is so beautiful, I am amazed that no-one is interested. Wish I was there to help out.


  3. Shelley

    I am grateful for you patience, and understand your struggle….I will continue to pray for Cooper’s forever family! I put his put on the front and center table last night…… 🙂


  4. It’s only a matter of time…


  5. I just know that the right forever family is around the corner, they just haven’t made it there yet.


  6. Gayle Kerr

    What a sweet testimony to your love for Cooper. You are his PERSON now, and soon his PERSON will find him. You are simply amazing. 🙂


  7. I fall for Cooper every time you post about him – it’s hard to believe no one has snatched him up yet! He will find the perfect home, hopefully sooner rather than later. Being down to a 2 dog household has allowed more time for us to work with Eddie who has been with us for 10 months, but he’ll need a home that’s willing to work with him since he has less-adoptable aspects as well. I do give potential adopters a blog link for that dog so they can see everything we’ve posted – do people at least look at Cooper’s posts before they ask the “short answer” questions?


  8. I know it is tough. Anna had even more issues than Cooper does, so I NEVER thought we would find a home for her after only 3 months. The perfect people are out there for Cooper! Keep your head up, his time will come. And thank you for being such awesome foster parents!


  9. Hopefully when he finds his forever family everyone will see they are so perfect, that’s why they took the entire year to find!


  10. I totally get it. It ca be hard to answer those questions everyone wants to know – there’s a long answer, but they want the short version. We’ve had a couple of foster dogs that weren’t exactly dog friendly, but that didn’t mean they HATED other dogs. However, a lot of people want a dog who fits into any home right from the start 😦 Hang in there, Coop! They’re out there.


  11. Thanks for being so patient and allowing Cooper to be with you! I too believe that the right person(s) is out there for him. Heck, I know that there has to be others (like us!) willing to take on the less than perfect dog. Meanwhile, Cooper has a great life!


  12. The reason I know Coop-da-loops forever exists is because Melvin’s forever existed. For one person, the short answers won’t matter. Unconditional love laughs at the short answers. Until then, I can’t imagine a better place for either if you! Your story is beautiful!


  13. Paws crossed for you Cooper!


  14. Sending lots of happy, positive thoughts your way Cooper!


  15. Well, Coop, I’m not the perfect dog either but my mama and papa found me and haven’t given up on me so I know your family is out there looking for you! Good luck, tomorrow could be your day. Thank you to your special foster people for taking such good care of you.


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  17. Kate

    Your perfect family is out there and are getting here as fast as they can, Coop. You (all of us) just need to wait a little longer…

    PS: I feel like you wrote the exact same sentences recently. I’m not trying to plagiarize 🙂


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