Cooper’s Christmas Vacation: SNOW!

Cooper is a Southern dog. He was picked up as a stray in Nashville, Tennessee and thrown in the slammer. Foster Dad and I busted him out, and he’s been living with us in our home for the past year. Cooper has never left the state, and has certainly never seen snow.

"I dunno 'bout da snow, but I know I like da sunshine!"

“I dunno ’bout da snow, but I know I like da sunshine!”

All that changed on our Christmas trip to Ohio.  Ohio got hit with a crazy snow storm the day after Christmas, and we could not wait to get the dogs out into the snow to see how they’d like it. Oscar has seen snow before, but not to this extent. This was that miserable nice heavy, wet, big-flake snow that accumulates in inches with a quickness and sticks to every surface it touches.  Miserable to drive through, but beautiful to look at and wicked fun to play in.

Christmas 134

Luckily for the boys, Ohioans are used to this sort of weather event and were not impressed. Most people did what any sane normal person would do, and hunkered down inside with a bottle of bourbon. But not us, oh no sir – we had very important business to conduct. We had to introduce a Southern dog to SNOW!

Christmas 183

We found a deserted tennis court, and after doing a perimeter check to make sure all the gates were secure, we unclipped leashes and let ’em at it.

Christmas 170

They. Had. A. BLAST!

Christmas 173

Christmas 181

The boys already think that Foster Dad hung the moon, but after that day their admiration for him reached new heights when he came up with a new Most Fun Game in the World Ever – catching snow balls.

Christmas 189

Christmas 190

Christmas 187

Foster Dad and I haven’t had this much fun watching the dogs play since the Mud Bowl.

The boys could have been out there all day, but remember how I mentioned that the snow was super wet and heavy? Yeaaaaaaah that means it melted as soon as it hit me and Foster Dad, leaving us soaking wet and freezing. So after about 30 minutes we called it a day, but it was plenty enough time to wear the fur-kids out substantially.

That is one tired Oscar-man.

That is one tired Oscar-man.

And what’s the best part about getting completely tuckered out in the freezing cold? Snuggling up on a cozy warm hotel bed for a nap.

Christmas 123

So in summary, according to the boys…SNOW = FUN!

If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, his adoption fee will be waived thanks to a generous donor! Please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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22 responses to “Cooper’s Christmas Vacation: SNOW!

  1. Will and Eko

    Awesome photos! You can really see the pure joy on their faces while playing in the snow.


  2. LOVE! so cute. I wish us up here NORTH of you got some good snow!….sigh, still 2 months of winter to hope for it!


  3. Ahhhhhhhh, i love the joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. The look on Oscar’s face was priceless the first time your husband threw the snowball and it disappeared into the snow. He looked at the snow then at your husband then back at the snow, like hey what the heck?!


  5. Favorite post to date 🙂 TOOOO cute!


  6. Looks like Cooper loved the snow

    Stop on by for a visit


  7. They look like they’re having an absolute blast! I really want it to snow this winter so I can see how the boys react to snow.


  8. I can’t believe how much snow is there…and it does look like they had so much fun! Miss M…not so much. So I guess it is good that it hasn’t even snowed 1 inch in Chicago this year!


  9. That’s so adorable!!! They look like they had the best time! Zoe LOVES playing in the snow! It’s one of her favorite things. 🙂


  10. Shelley

    OMG…that is soooo funny! I love the pics…and the video! Them catching snowballs…that’s too much! LOVE it!


  11. Cute! I love Cooper’s reaction!


  12. So fun! The only thing I miss about Central NY winters is watching the dogs play in the snow.


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  14. laura s.

    So cute!!! You picked the perfect song for that video! And I LOVE how Coop sits and waits everytime a “ball” is being tossed to him! He’s such a good boy!


  15. What a great time! Our pack is used to the snow, even the southern ones and always have a great time in the first big snowfall. I love watching them enjoying it and somehow it doesn’t seem as cold when you’re having fun!


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