On Friday afternoon, I teased that we had some “very exciting news” on our Facebook page. Some of you guessed that Cooper was adopted. Well, an adoption did take place, it just wasn’t Coop.  It’s the adorable Miss Olive who has found her Furever Home!

Olive (13)

Eight months ago, sweet Olive was tied to a tree in a dirt patch outside an apartment complex in my neighborhood. It was only beginning of April, but Nashville was getting an early heat wave and Olive was stuck in out in the hot sun day in and day out with no food or water, and only a dingy plastic dog house to shelter her from the elements.

SNAP puppy (1)

My neighbor Jen, fellow animal lover and blogger, just couldn’t turn her back on her, and invited her into her home. For the first time in her short life, Olive was part of a family, safe, loved and cared for.


Soon after, Olive was welcomed into the Agape family. She had her glamour shots taken, and stole the show at Agape’s annual fundraiser, Glitter & Glam.

Olive (18)

Olive (19)

Foster Mom Jen has actually known Olive’s new dad for years…through the magic of social media, B has been following Olive on Facebook for months. When he was in town on business before Christmas, he met the wiggly little squish face, and fell in love.

Olive (12)

After conferring with his partner in crime, they agreed that they just couldn’t live without her. They hopped on a plane in Washington DC this past weekend and flew all they way to Nashville just to pick her up.  Even though she was meeting her for the first time, Olive’s new mom H was instantly smitten.  

Olive (16)

Even though she’s crossing the Mason Dixon line for the first time, this southern dog won’t have to worry about the blustery winter weather of the east cost biting through her short furs – thanks to a little going away present from her buddy Cooper.

Olive (17)

First time foster parents Jen & Jason had a tough time saying goodbye to their girl. Understandably so…those of us who have had the honor of loving a dog like our own only to send her on her way to a happy, loving forever home, know how difficult the first time can be (who am I kidding, like it gets any easier??). But, just like all foster parents, they know that Olive is on her way to the best life she can have, spoiled rotten just like she deserves.

Saying goodbye to Foster Dad

Saying goodbye to Foster Dad

Thank you for taking such good care of me, Foster Mom!

Thank you for taking such good care of me, Foster Mom!

…and “spoiled rotten” is right. Olive is going to be an only dog in her new house.  Her new parents even brought Olive a new leash, collar, a dog bed of her very own (all of them with her new full name, Olive Olivia, embroidered on them) and some yummy vegan dog treats for the long ride home in their rental car. They bonded to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” as they crossed the state line, driving off towards what Olive has been yearning for her entire life…Furever.

Congratulations Olive!



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19 responses to “Olive: ADOPTED!

  1. aw YAY!!!! Congrats to Olive and her new family!! Adoption stories are the best! 😀


  2. What great news! Olive’s foster family did such a great thing for her! I feel their pain, this post brought back memories of our first foster getting adopted. You’re right, it doesn’t get easier, but it is worth it when you hear stories like this! Congrats Olive!


  3. Shelley

    Tears of excitement! Soooooooo happy for sweet Olive!


  4. Woooooohooo, Olive! I love hearing these happy stories first thing in the morning 🙂 Cooper, it’s your turn buddy.


  5. Congrats! Sounds like Ms Olive found the perfect place.


  6. Yay! Monday morning happy tears! Congrats Olive Olivia!!!! 🙂


  7. AWESOME!!!!!! Welcome up here Olive Olivia!!! That coat will come in handy!!!


  8. Laurie

    What a great way to start a new week…hearing about a wonderful adoption! And the pics are great~. Good luck to Olive and her new furever parents!


  9. What a great way to start a Monday…. news of an adoption! Congrats to Olive Olivia and her new family!


  10. Laura S

    Yeah!!! So happy to hear! And I too have Monday Happy Tears over here!


  11. Congrats, Olive! I wholeheartedly approve of their choice of song as well.


  12. Hooray for Olive and her new forever and ever family!


  13. pitlandiapooch

    HOW EXCITING!! And how stinkin’ cute that her new parents got her name embroidered on all of her new things!


  14. Cathy

    So happy for Olive & her new furever family. Live the dream baby girl.


  15. Congrats olive! That’s wonderful news to hear. You deserve it girl!!!


  16. Gayle

    Had the honor of doing Olive’s adoption to B and H, and watching Foster mom and dad’s tearful goodbyes. What a love story, four souls loving this girl so much. Amazing 🙂


  17. HOORAY! Thanks for giving Olive a happy ending!


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