Cooper’s Christmas Vacation: Hotel Dog

Foster Dad and I are both originally from the great state of Ohio. Though we don’t make it every year, we love being able to go back up there around the holidays to visit family and friends, and possibly get to see some of that horrible wonderful winter weather that we moved down here to avoid.

Christmas 126

This year, for a variety of reasons, we thought it would be easiest for all parties involved if we stayed in a dog-friendly hotel during our trip. And thanks to a friend who works there, we got a great room for only a couple bucks more per night than it would have cost us to board Oscar. Shout out to the Capitol Square Holiday Inn, you guys rock!

Christmas 167

It was never in the original plan for us to bring Cooper with us on this trip. Since Coop is a foster dog, Agape Animal Rescue makes arrangements for him whenever we go out-of-town. However, the best laid plans of mice and dog owners…. anyway, there were several things that contributed to our decision to travel with Cooper. First of all, it was the holidays, and of course all the boarding places were pretty booked up. Though they would have pulled it off, it would have been tougher than usual for Agape to find somewhere for Cooper.

Oscar investigates the Christmas decorations in the hotel lobby.

Oscar investigates the Christmas decorations in the hotel lobby.

Secondly, Cooper had his tooth pulled just a couple of days before we planned to leave.  He was going to be on a slew of medications and have his food softened while he recovered. We would have felt horrible dumping that situation on someone else, plus, we’re parents! We worry about our fur-kids. So, since we had the hotel room booked anyway, we thought heck – bring him along!

Christmas 076

Just like with human kids, they key to keeping travel with pets stress-free less stressful is preparation. We pre-measured out enough food for each meal, packed up all of Cooper’s medications as well as a doggie first aid kit, we even brought strategic cleaning supplies and towels just in case there were any, uh…”accidents.” We made sure each of the boys got brand new toys to keep them occupied in the room.  They each got new stuffies, and Oscar got an antler too.

Christmas 015

Unfortunately, Cooper was on a strict “no antler” regimen while his mouth healed, but he didn’t seem to mind. He loved his new stuffed fox so much that he slept with it.

Christmas 007

We also made sure to bring some familiar pieces of “home” with us. That meant they got to snuggle up in their own blankets.

Christmas 120

Finally, we kept the rules consistent to when we were at home. They eat their meals in separate rooms at home, and thankfully we had a suite so we were able to feed them in different rooms at the hotel as well. At home, they have to sit and wait politely before they are allowed to eat – ditto for the hotel. We allow the pups on the furniture at our house, so we let them have the run of the hotel room too (sorry if that’s not cool, Holiday Inn).

Christmas 148

Christmas 114

At home, the pups sleep in our bed with us. So, naturally….

Christmas 124

Christmas 080

…again, sorry Holiday Inn.  They don’t shed! (much)

Oscar has stayed in a hotel with us before, but this was a “first” for Cooper. We honestly had no idea what to prepare for, or how he would act.  Fortunately, overall I’d say we did pretty well. Cooper had a great time with all the new experiences of the week (check back later to see how Cooper did city-walking, and how he feels about snow!) Let’s be honest, as long as he’s with His Pack, Cooper is happy and having a great time. So would we do it again?  Well, hopefully Cooper will be adopted before we get the chance!  

Christmas 155

If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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15 responses to “Cooper’s Christmas Vacation: Hotel Dog

  1. kate with a camera

    That pic of him sleeping with the stuffy is sooooooooo cute!


  2. I’m glad Cooper did so well, it should be added to his resume: great in hotels. I hope he gets a forever home he can travel with!


  3. Carol Holland

    You people are amazing.


  4. This is so helpful, I love hearing about and learning techniques for new situations. Do the dogs go everywhere with you while you’re traveling or have you left them in the hotel room?


  5. I think that you captured it in one of your final sentences…as long as they are with their pack. That’s what we’ve found too. The pack has traveled a lot, stayed in hotels, homes and our all time favorite – camping. As long as we’re together, everybody is happy!


  6. Shelley

    sooooo glad he was a good boy!!! Wow, he will be a “world” traveler!!! 🙂 Y’all rock!


  7. Callie's Mom

    Wow, Oscar looks so much bigger than Coop!!


  8. A pet friendly hotel! Australia has got a long way to go before getting anywhere near dog friendly. I love that you took Cooper with you, looks like he and Oscar had a great Christmas and I can’t wait to see photos of them in the snow. Happy New Year!


  9. I know that someday we are going to have to take the dogs to a hotel and I am so glad to see that my blogging friends are able to make it work! 🙂 Looks like Cooper and Oscar had a blast!


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