Christmas Spirit

Last week, I helped load up one of my very favorite dogs from Operation Broken Chain onto a transport to start his new life. This is Spirit:

Spirit 01

Spirit is such a special guy. He was a shelter favorite from day one, and he was one of “my dogs,” in the enrichment pen I was assigned to. I played fetch with him, discovered his love of peanut butter Kongs, figured out he knows “sit” and of course had the honor of cleaning up his business.

Spirit 03

Everyone who has the pleasure of meeting Spirit falls in love with his sweet nature, his big goofy smile and that hilarious horse/velociraptor sounding growl/howl/bark/squeal. (Seriously, what IS that noise??)

Spirit 02

The volunteers at the shelter all talk about how far many of the dogs have come since they were rescued over Thanksgiving weekend. But we never said that about Spirit – he seemed “perfect” from the beginning.  He was named for the wonderful spirit he exhibited from day one – he loves everyone he meets, and even though he came from hell on earth, he wants nothing more than to be in your lap or curl up in the corner with a favorite toy.

Spirit 04

So where is Spirit now? This lucky guy is hanging out with the awesome folks at Big Bully Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. Big Bully Rescue is “dedicated to rescuing and rehoming bully-type breeds.” They specialize in American Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogs, Presa Canarios, Pit Bulls, Bullmastiffs, Cane Corsos, Dogo Argentinos and Dogue de Bordeauxs “French Mastiffs.” They, like so many rescue organizations across the country, are a small organization who rely on foster families, and the need in their area is far larger than their capacity. Even so, they just couldn’t turn their back on Spirit when they heard his story.

Spirit 05

I may or may not have cried like a baby when Spirit’s transport pulled away from the shelter – ok, I did. (Seriously, like a little girl.) I am going to miss him so much, but of course I am beyond thrilled for him that he’ll get to spend Christmas in a loving foster home. Lucky foster family!

Spirit 06

To find out how you can add Spirit to your family, check out Big Bully Rescue or visit their Facebook page to get lots of updates on Spirit. You can help donate to Spirit’s care here.

There are still 25 dogs at the emergency shelter in need of rescue organizations to take them in. If you’re a pit bull rescue organization in the United States or Canada and would like to help these dogs by becoming a placement partner with Animal Rescue Corps, please e-mail



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15 responses to “Christmas Spirit

  1. Crying like a little girl seems about right for that farewell!!! I can’t say enough how much I admire and adore the work you do!!!!


  2. So happy for Spirit! What a handsome boy. 🙂


  3. It’s almost like his personality oozes from those photos. He is so cute, though so exciting he is off to his new life!


  4. pitlandiapooch

    It’s so great to hear Spirit’s story and how amazing that you got to be a part of his happy story =) I hope that he finds his forever home quickly because he sounds like a perfect gentleman!


  5. Thank you for sharing Spirit’s story and of course for all the work you do. I know it wasn’t easy to send him on his way with the transport but I’m sure he’s going to have the best Christmas ever.


  6. Shelley

    I ❤ Spirit …Love his big ole' hugs 🙂


  7. Ronnie

    He was a favorite of mine too (a little secret, they were all favorites in one way or another) 🙂


  8. ~B

    Bless your heart. I cried from the start reading this. Maybe “I’ll be home for Christmas” just happening to be playing in my background contributed as well…I wish everyone could be touched this holiday season with someone as kind hearted as you and all involved in the recues of these sweet babies and know the love of having one in their home. Mucho Amor…


  9. That’s so awesome, I would have definitely cried too!


  10. Good luck Spirit, you’re one step closer to the home you deserve!

    We (a pack of some with special needs rescues) stopped by from 2 Punk Dogs and are enjoying the archives and reading about the wonderful things you are doing to support rescue.


  11. What a beautiful boy! Thanks for helping him. 😉


  12. He is a handsome fellow and how could you not cry, I cried just reading about the dogs that have been rescued as part of Operation Broken Chain. Such fantastic work that you and all involved do to help these wonderful creatures.


  13. Alice

    Aww, spirit, I’m so happy for you! 🙂


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