Christmas photo outtakes? Well, if you insist…

After we put up our Christmas tree last weekend, I naturally turned to my favorite models and insisted on a photo session. I armed myself with my camera and a bag of frozen peas (a favorite at Foster House) and confidently settled in for the task. Well, I underestimated two things: a) taking a quality picture of a lit Christmas tree in dim light is hard and b) my models are dogs.  

Winter 019

“So boys, here’s what we’re gonna do, I am going to bribe you with frozen peas and you are going to sit and pose nicely in front of this big glowing tree like the sweet little angels you are, while I point and click this black box at you. ‘Kay?”

Winter 049

Cooper: “Ohmigosh-peas-did-you-say-peas-I want-peas-please!”
Oscar: *sigh* “Rookie.”

Winter 022

I actually kinda love this picture!

So close! They were even laying the same way, it would have been C-U-T-E.

So close! They were even laying the same way, it would have been C-U-T-E.

What can I say? We keep it real. Perhaps I as a little ambitions attempting both dogs at once…

Winter 033

Winter 034

Our model Cooper is searching for his Furever Home! If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, please visit Agape Animal Rescue and fill out an adoption application.

Remember that there are still Operation Broken Chain pups waiting to be placed with rescue groups. If you are a pit bull rescue in the United States or Canada and would like to become a placement partner with Animal Rescue Corps, please e-mail



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13 responses to “Christmas photo outtakes? Well, if you insist…

  1. Shelley

    They are still great photos…..I always hate those “this would have been good…” pics…LOL


  2. Hahahhahaha! I am looking at this nodding. I easily took 100 photos to get two for ours! But iI will say your outakes are cuter than mine!


  3. LOVE this! I am convinced that there is no worse feeling than the ‘almost-perfect-but-not-quite’ shot! Your models are precious, and I agree… the one with a half cut out Cooper is very artistic… but I’m in love with them all! They certainly display the pooches’ personalities 😉


  4. pitlandiapooch

    Theses pictures are SO cute! I love the one where Cooper and Oscar are laying the same position!

    I’ve recently been thinking that I need to get some pictures of Athena in front of the tree….we shall see how they turn out (maybe I should bust out some frozen peas for the occasion)…


  5. Cute! Love all the blooper photos…and that your treats are peas!


  6. Kia

    LOL at the bloopers…they are all cute!


  7. You give peas for treats? I never would have thought of that! And, I do like the photos… sometimes the bloopers are too fun not to share.


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