It’s Christmas-time at Foster House!

Deck the halls and trim the tree, December is here and that means Christmas decorations!

Oscar Christmas 201002

This will be our third Christmas with Oscar as a member of our family.  That dog takes after his Momma, he loves Christmas – especially the “opening presents” part.

Oscar Christmas 201001

Oscar’s First Christmas (2010)

I mentioned last week that we are being a little cautious this year, since this is Cooper’s first (hopefully only!) Christmas season at Foster House. Although he’s been doing amazingly better recently, he does have a bit of a checkered past in the destruction department.

So first, I went through all our Christmas ornaments and pulled out all my favorites and breakables, and set them aside – they’re taking the year off. Thankfully, I have a bit of what I like to call an “after Christmas shopping problem,” which means I hit up Pier 1 and World Market on December 26th like it’s my job and snatch up all their adorable ornaments for a steal.  This means I have plenty to choose from. 


Then we hit up a local Christmas tree lot and scavenged some scrap tree trimmings.  Foster Dad fashioned them into a little make-shift wreath (just for fun) and we brought it into the house and left it on the floor for a few days, where we would eventually put the tree.  We wanted to see how Cooper would react to “nature” inside the house.  Would he chew on it? Pee on it? Attack it? Who knows.


Thankfully, he did none of the above – he gave it a little sniff, decided it wasn’t worth his time and didn’t give it a second thought.  So the next step was bringing in the tree.  We got a lovely tree this year through a fundraiser that donated all their proceeds from tree sales to single moms in the Nashville area to help them buy Christmas presents for their kids.  Much better than “donating” my hard-earned cash to the nearest big box hardware store with trees out front, amIright?

So, a little wreath was one thing, but a big ol’ tree right in the middle of the living room – what would Cooper make of this?

Winter 003

Not a thing – didn’t phase him a bit!  After he didn’t react at all to Frasier (the Fraser, of course) invading his space, we commenced with the decking of the halls.

Winter 004

Oscar approves, and Cooper couldn’t care less. I’ll take it! Now, to hang our stockings with care someplace they won’t be bothered…

Hmm, we're probably going to have to get a "foster stocking," huh?

Hmm, we’re probably going to have to get a “foster stocking,” huh?

Do you deck the halls at your house? How do you and your pups get ready for the holidays?

Cooper is still searching for his Furever Home! If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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12 responses to “It’s Christmas-time at Foster House!

  1. All I know is that, with three ludicrously playful cats in the house, I am unable to put up a Christmas tree of any description. Luckily, I’ll be with my sister this year and it’ll be her job to do that (no cats there, so it should be safe).


  2. Brittany

    You can do it Cooper! Just keep ignoring all that silly stuff! I was pretty worried about Luna this year since this is her first Christmas in a home and she can be a bit mischievous. So far she has sniffed, then ignored the tree and presents…until this morning when I heard the sound of plastic skittering across our wood floors. The little monkey had carefully removed one of the cheap ornaments I hung low and was pouncing on it as it shot across the floor. In a very quite, low voice I said, “Uh Oh Luna.” She quickly abandoned her new toy and ran to her bed. She has purposefully pretended the tree is not there since then and hopefully this will be the end of it…


  3. Laura S.

    That’s great! Way to go Cooper (and of course Oscar, but he’s a pro). I still remember bringing our 1st dog to a friends house (when he was only 8 months) and totally didn’t think about the fact that dogs love nature…and pee on trees! Yep, looked over to see my puppy lifting his leg on my friend’s Christmas tree, tree skirt, AND presents, ugh so mortified!


    • We have a friend who’s dog is not allowed at our house at Christmas time, because he always pees on our tree skirt, presents or no!


      • Laura S.

        Eek! That’s not good! Luckily he hasn’t done that anywhere since that first encounter with an “indoor tree”. And in his defense he was a puppy and we’d been working so hard on housetraining that it was probably confusing to not get to pee on a tree…even though it was inside.
        But we have a friend, whose dog is a bulldozer, plays super excitable, and doesn’t seem to have any concept of the fact that he knocks things over…so he doesn’t get to come over when our tree is up. I say, it’s your house and your rules.
        Hope your holiday decorations survive “Christmas with Coop”!


  4. Shelley

    #1—-HOW did you get such great photos of the dogs posing in front of the tree?!?!!?!!?
    #2—-yes, I bought a foster stocking 2 years ago 🙂
    #3–GOOD BOY, COOPER!!!


  5. Bribery, of course, Shelley! Frozen peas are a fave at our house, they’ll do anything for them. 🙂


  6. That’s great that Cooper and Oscar don’t destroy trees. Last year we only decorated the balcony outside. We’re still on the fence about a tree.


  7. How is Cooper doing with all of the new temptation in the house? Polly has been taking one ornament down from the tree each day….not destroying it, just removing it from the tree. So odd.


    • You know, he’s doing pretty well…we had our first ornament casualty today, it’s unclear if Cooper removed it from the tree himself and chewed it up, or if it fell on it’s on before it met its demise. That is hilarious about PP, by the way…perhaps she’s learned to be gentle after she murd- er, I mean got framed for Yeti’s dismal fate.


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