Now, Back to Cooper…

It occurred to me that over the past month, only about a quarter of our posts have been about The Cooper Monster!

Cooper has been at Foster House for ten months now – which is a damn long time. We’re getting so “used to” him being around, that with so much else going on lately (an election, guest posts, holidays, fun stuff and ginormous rescue operations…) it’s been tough to remember one of the main reasons we started this blog was to highlight our foster dogs, and to get them as much exposure as possible. So, back to Cooper…

But what is there to say about Cooper that we haven’t said already? 

He sleeps with his tongue sticking out….

He’s an agility rock star

He loves car rides

He looks great in red…

…and it’s looking like he’ll be spending Christmas with us at Foster House. Yes, Coop has been with us for a loooooong time, but that’s OK.  As we’ve talked about before, Cooper is working on himself. We haven’t much interest in Cooper thus far, and maybe it’s simply because he’s not ready. When the times comes, he will leave us – but honestly, we’re not getting our hopes up that Coop will be celebrating the holidays with his new furever family. Selfishly, I’m thankful to have as much time with the little snuggle monster as I can get. 

Coopers 054

If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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10 responses to “Now, Back to Cooper…

  1. Shelley

    Dear God,

    Thank you for giving Cooper a wonderful place to learn and grow…to be the dog he’s meant to be. But, please help his forever family find him…..he’s anxiously waiting. And he deserves all the love he can get.



  2. I’m surprised no one has snatched up that adorable dog yet! Of course, I felt the same way about Rusty. When he is ready, someone will come along who will love him and be willing to keep on working through his quirks.


  3. And he has an adorable underbite! We’re rooting for him to find his forever home.


  4. 10 months?? Wowsers. My longest foster was 5 months (Rufus), and look how that ended up 😉 Hang in there, Coop – somebody wonderful will find you!


  5. And he is so lucky to be with you guys! I always wondered why it takes some dogs longer, then when you see the perfect families that they end up with you realize why it can take so long (SuperLevi had several apps that didn’t quite work before meeting his perfect Superhero sister!)


  6. I’m sending out lots of positive vibes in the hope that adorable Cooper finds his perfect furever family, but I can’t help feeling as though he already has…


  7. It seems that this Christmas, Cooper is your gift. And you most certainly are his!


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