…and I Love My Pit Bull!

Have you heard about this super cool project that Angel City Pit Bulls has been working on? 

ACPB, a pit bull rescue and advocacy group out of Los Angeles, has been featured on StubbyDog for their mission of “helping pit bulls remain angels here on earth by encouraging adoption and education.” Their latest project is a three part video series of normal, responsible, everyday pit bull owners who love their dogs.  Just like Nashville PITTIE’s recent Impression-a-Bull project, ACPB wants to show the world that pit bulls are no different than any dog when they are made part of a loving family.

Super cool, right?

I absolutely LOVE these type of projects, because the first step in pit bull advocacy is education.  Education about spay/neuter, education about training, and education about tethering (and why it s-u-c-k-s). But here’s the thing – there’s actually a step even before education.  Call it the “preface” step. Because people can not be educated if they are afraid, and people are afraid of what they don’t understand.

If all someone has a preconceived notion that all pit bull owners are thugs and drug dealers, and all they know about “pit bulls” comes from the negative stories they see on the news, they aren’t going to have an open mind to be educated.  So what do we do? We have to show people that “pit bull owners” are just like them.

Now here’s the really cool part…there’s another project going on right now that you and your pit bull can take part in. It’s the Animal Farm “I Am the Majority” project. People are sending in photos of themselves and their dogs holding a sign that says “I am a _____________, I am a “pit bull” dog owner, I am the MAJORITY.”

These photos will be used by Animal Farm in upcoming campaigns and educational materials and help “shine a spotlight on the millions of everyday ‘pit bull’ dog families in a variety of ways.” I know many of you wonderful people are pit bull owners and lovers, so what are you waiting for? Download your own poster, get out a fat marker and tell ’em who you are! Hold up your poster proudly, snap a photo with your furry family, and e-mail it to info@animalfarmfoundation.org.  You can follow Animal Farm Foundation on Facebook to see lots of photos from folks around the country.

Remember, Cooper is still searching for his furever family! If you’re interested in adopting Cooper, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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4 responses to “…and I Love My Pit Bull!

  1. I love seeing these types of projects! I think it is so important that people understand pitbull owners are just like them. Before we adopted our dogs, I too had a misconception, but now I realize that pitbull ownership is such a typical thing for so many people.


  2. I love any and all videos of people with their pets. Add a smiley, wiggly Pit Bull type to the video and you get educated as well as entertained!!!! Love it! I especially love when the dogs are on laps!!


  3. I love those PSAs! My favorite one is with the little girl who says “I love my dog… I mean, my PIT BULL.” She has the right idea that they are just DOGS. 😉


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