Tooth’s Gotta Go!

Cooper had a visit with the vet this week. In addition to getting a bright shiny new Bordatella vaccination after his recent bought with kennel cough, he also got a full exam.

While the vet said that Cooper seems to be in great physical condition, she didn’t like how his tooth was healing up.  Remember back in June when he broke a K9 at boarding?

Even though it doesn’t appear to be bothering him (though in fairness, nothing seems to bother Cooper!), she said that the tooth has died and needs to go. Which means sometime in the next week, Cooper will be taking a very painful trip to the dentist.  Poor Coop!

I have a feeling he won’t mind all that much, since recovery will mean yummy soft food and lots of quality snuggle time.

If you’re interested in adding Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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8 responses to “Tooth’s Gotta Go!

  1. Ouch, a bad tooth is no fun. I’m sure he’ll be glad when it’s out and those cuddles and the soft food he won’t mind getting in it’s place.


  2. Poor Cooper! I hope it’s an easy extraction and he recovers well. The cuddles are sure to make up for any pain, no doubt. As would finding a new forever home. I’ll have my fingers crossed!


  3. That is going to be no fun for Cooper, but I’m sure he will enjoy the post-dentist pampering!


  4. Oh no Cooper! I see lot’s of snuggling and soft treats in your future! Keep us posted!


  5. Poor Coop! We’ll be rooting for him to get better super soon!


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