Cooper Throws Himself a Party

Happy Monday, guys and dolls dogs!  I am sorry to report that I lost my recent election. I tried real hard and momma said all you guys were real nice and voted for me tons of times, but that darn other nice dog, Smiley, beat me in the eleventh hour.  Dang it.  But Cooper is not one to wallow and sulk in defeat, no sir! So today I am taking over the blog to tell you a story all about how Momma made and oopsie last week, leaving the door wide open (literally) for me to throw myself a little Cooper-party. It did not end well.

The day started like any other day. Momma & Daddy left to go do their work-stuff and me and Bro settled into our snuggly couch for a snooze, just like we always do. It was a great morning, the rain was going pitter-patter on the roof and it lulled us right to sleep. The rain even kept most of the local wild animals away, so I didn’t have to bark and bark and bark to protect the house when they walked by, like I usually do.

Then Momma came home for lunch like she always does. Me and Bro got to go outside for a mid-day run-around and to do some business.  Then we came back inside for a little snuggle time with Momma. Then she left again to go do more work-stuff, just like she always does…except…

That is when Momma made a critical error – she forgot to close the door to the kitchen.

And the door to the laundry room!

The laundry room, if you recall, is where my Foods live.  I know that’s where they live because that’s where Momma disappears to every day, and when she comes back out I get to play with my yummy food ball.  I also know this because I explored the laundry room way back when I first moved into Foster House, though at the time I was too busy redecorating to take full advantage of the opportunities that awaited me there.

But on this day, I was ready. As soon as I realized that me and Bro weren’t going to be stuck in the living room all afternoon, I started exploring what areas of the house were available to us.  And boy oh boy, when I found the Magic Laundry Room of Yummies, I…well, I went a little bonkers.

It started innocently enough.  I mean, I know I’m not supposed to eat any Yummies that Momma does not give me. So I wasn’t gonna eat any.  I wasn’t!  All I wanted to do was help Momma organize her cardboard recycling, so I jumped up to get a better angle and then BOOM! The big gray crate fell down and made a huge mess out of my Yummies!  That is when things started to go terribly wrong.  

I knew Momma would be upset with the mess (Momma does NOT like messes) so I had to clean it up.  I would like to add that Bro was no help at all, he just hung out in the doorway of the kitchen looking at me like, “Dude, you are going to be in soooo much trouble.”

Can you believe he hung me out to dry like that? Not cool, Bro.  Not cool.  So there I was left all on my own to clean up this big mess. I don’t have supposeable thumbs, you know, so I had to use the best tool I have: my chompers.  So, I started picking up the pieces of Yummies, scoopful by scoopful, and carrying them over to the trash.  But I could not reach the trash! Well, I had no choice, I had to gulp down all the Yummies down so there would not be a mess when Momma got home.  It was the right thing to do.  

So I chomped and chomped and cleaned and cleaned, and things were going OK.  I thought I would be able to clean everything up and Momma would be none the wiser. So I kept on going, I ate and chomped and gulped until I got all full up and couldn’t eat another bite.  All that cleaning made me so sleepy, so I snuggled down into the couch to snooze the rest of the afternoon away. I knew Momma would be proud of me for all the cleaning I did for her.

I woke up when I heard Momma’s car, and the first thing I noticed was that my tummy hurt! I was so full up from all my cleaning, I just did not feel good at all. So when Momma came in the door I gave her my very best “Cooper-doesn’t-feel-good” face.

The rest of the night was kinda a blur.  All I know is that my tummy was really hurty and big and full and it felt like I there was a big ol’ rock in there.  I didn’t feel like doing much of anything at all. So I mostly just laid around and tried to look as miserable and pathetic as possible, because looking miserable and pathetic earns me snuggles.  Cooper ain’t no fool.

See how big my belly was? Owwie!!

I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry – I didn’t get sick from my Cooper-party. All I had was a little tummy ache and enough food in my belly to last for days.  Have I learned my lesson, you ask?  Perhaps yes, and perhaps no, time will tell – but I do know that Momma and Daddy seemed to have learned their lesson – they have not left the door to the Magical Room of Yummies open ever since!

Do you want to add Cooper to your family? Fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue!



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9 responses to “Cooper Throws Himself a Party

  1. Well… at least you tried to clean up your mess right?


  2. Eddie had the same problem one day and that is just what the belly looked like. Since it was a new bag of food and Rusty was adopted the next day, I was able to figure out when we reached the end of the bag that he’d eaten a week and a half’s worth of food in one night. Thank goodness for no complications for Cooper!


  3. Oh Cooper – you silly billy you. You can’t clean up that much mess, that quickly. You’ve got to take your time about these things. I hope your Mom appreciated the hard work you put in though 🙂


  4. I’m pretty happy for that you got to get some comfort food after the election results and even more happy for your Mom that you are OK and that you didn’t get sick!


  5. Sounds like you partied a bit too hard, Coop! 😉


  6. Poor Cooper, too many yummies are never good but it was very sweet of you to try and clean up for your Mum. As for the election, you’re always a winner to me 🙂


  7. Smiling over here 🙂 At least you tried, Mr. Cooper!


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