A Cooper by any other name…

…would be just as adorable.

Coop. Coopie. Coopie-face. Coop-a-loop.

Photo by Amiee Stubbs Photography

Coo. Coo-coo. Coo-coo-kachoo.

That Cooper. Super Cooper. King Koopa. Mr. Cooper.

Schmoopie-Coopie. Schmoop.  Schmoo. Schmup. Schmuple. Schmupleupagus. 

Sir Coop. Baby Boy. Pig.

Pooper Scooper. Stinker. Stink.

Velociraptor (you’d have to hear his morning yawns to fully appreciate that one).

Wiggle-worm.  Dragon Breath (sorry buddy, it’s true). Goofy Coopie.

Snuggly-Poo. Sweetie-Poo. Darling. Love.

Are you ready to call Cooper “Yours”? Fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue!

…and remember to VOTE for COOPER!



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16 responses to “A Cooper by any other name…

  1. Lurve this – especially that you call him “stink.” That is actually my nickname for my nieces and nephews. I’ve called them that since they were babies (they are 4, 4, and 7 now) and they get the biggest kick out of it! 🙂
    Also, Koopa Trooper is an awesome Mario reference!

    Have you ever thought that Cooper might already be home? Just a thought! 😉


  2. Does Cooper get antlers? We find that the Badgershrooms have better breath when they’re regularly chewing antlers. This is important to us because Badger likes sneezing in our faces, and Mushroom loves giving kisses.


  3. Adorableness!!!! That one where he is showing his teeth on the step, for some reason I envision him telling a joke (a turtle walks into a bar see, and the bartender says…). I may need more coffee!


  4. I love all the names! We have quite a few like that in our house too!


  5. Love it! Have you heard my theory that the more names you have for your pups, the more you love them? I might have to agree with Miss Emily! Oh, and what about Mini Cooper?! Although Coo-Coo-Kachoo has got to be my fave.


  6. Brittany

    So funny! Cooper has the best expressions. I had someone question the names of my dogs the other day (they are Jack and Luna). They told me that dog names should only be one syllable so the dog can learn their name. I had to point out that my dogs absolutely know their names but once you live with a dog you realize that you rarely ever call them by their actual name, you almost always use a goofy nickname you’ve made up. And yes, the dogs seem to know all their nicknames too!


  7. That is a lot of nicknames for one pup … but he’s so freaking cute that he deserves them.


  8. Kate

    he is so cute. seriously, why hasn’t he got adopted? i don’t get it. at. all.


  9. Callie's Mom

    As I’ve mentioned before, he’d be gone if we were closer to TN! My little girl has a bunch of nicknames from me, but I don’t usually hear her daddy calling her any…..she’s my girl, girlfriend, lovebug, stinkbug, crazy woman….whatever happens to fit at that moment and she responds to them all!


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