Every Day I’m Snuggle’n

Guys you know I don’t usually like to get snuggly with other dogs.  I love to snuggle my Momma and Daddy because it is my most important job – they need me!  But about a year ago, Momma and Daddy started bringing home these other dogs who invade my house and sleep on my couch and steal momma/daddy snuggle time from me.  What gives??

The worst snuggle thief of all has been Cooper.  Man alive that dog does nuthin’ but snuggle with my Mom! But jokes’s on him because I finally figured out what to do about it.  If he needs snuggles so bad, then I will take one for the team and snuggle with him, leaving Momma free snuggle with only me.  This plan is perfect!

So last week, I put my plan into action like this…

Then I tried it like this…

Then I really amped it up and went for it, like this…

I just know it’s gonna work.  Momma and Daddy’s snuggles shall be mine again, all mine!!  But for now, *sigh* if I must… 

If you want to relieve Oscar of his duties and snuggle with Cooper, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.

Oh yeah, and VOTE for COOPER!



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7 responses to “Every Day I’m Snuggle’n

  1. Shelley

    o.m.g. LOVE it 🙂


  2. Cute! I know a couple snugglers & snuggle thieves myself!


  3. tholupka

    You are a snuggle bug!!!


  4. Love this! I happen to think that puppy snuggles are the best thing about being a doggy mama! Not sure what is cuter though… our dogs snuggling with us, or with each other? Love it, either way!


  5. Er.Mah.Gerd! You are such a good snuggler, Oscar! I want to snuggle with you….and Cooper!


  6. ~B~

    This is the sweetest thing ever. What if…just maybe…Cooper isn’t just one of the ones you were meant to help in finding a furever home, but…if you were meant to be his furever home. Not to make it any harder on you because even though I don’t personally know you, I feel I know your heart and the thought has entered your mind. We thought we were helping out with finding our furbaby a home and it turned out it was ours and I can not even let myself imagine (even after all the furniture and toys she ate the first year) what our lives would be like without her, not to mention how hers, even in the best home, would have been like without being our little princess. Cooper and Oscar just look meant to be.


    • Believe me, the thought has crossed our minds! 🙂 But as much as we (Oscar included!) love the Coop, the number one reason we won’t be keeping him is that we wouldn’t be able to foster anymore if we adopted him. After our stint this summer with Roxie followed by Molly Tamale with us at the same time as Cooper and Oscar, we confirmed that we are definitely a two-dog household. We love him to pieces and we will absolutely miss him when he moves on, but we know that finding him a furever home of his very own is the right thing to do. I feel like if we adopted Cooper, I’d always be thinking about what dog out there didn’t get a second chance because there wasn’t a spot in a foster home open for him or her.


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