Adoptable Olive, still on the market!

…I know, I can hardly believe it either!

Sweet little Olive got liberated from her life at the end of a chain nearly six months ago.  She’s had a handful of applications and a few meet & greets, but nothing has really “stuck” – Olive is still searching for her perfect Furevers.  Her foster mom & dad even thought they had found them once…until an uneducated misinformed landlord put a veto on his tenants owning a pit bull breed. 

“But why? I is not so scary.”

Olive is now about a year old, but she’s still just a little lady under 40 pounds. Foster Mom Jen reports that Olive is wicked smart. She learned sit, down, and wait within weeks of moving into her foster house. Olive is also crate trained, she gets along great with other dogs and loves kids of all ages.

Who can possibly resist this adorable little puppy behind?

Fetch is Olive’s most favoritest thing in the entire world.  According to her foster mom, Olive recently also added “drop” to her arsenal of tricks. “Sometimes, instead of dropping the ball at my feet and waiting for me to throw it again, she’ll wait for me to say, ‘drop it,’ then she’ll sling the ball in my direction, immediately turn and run towards the back of the yard and then patiently sit there until I throw the ball again. Makes me crack up every time!  She is also really excellent at catching the ball. It amazes me how high she can jump for it sometimes.”

“Come on, take me home…you know you wanna!”

Olive’s foster family (and Agape, and Foster Dad & I!) are completely bewildered as to what is taking Olive’s Furever Family so long to find her.  Maybe they haven’t seen this video yet…

Is Olive the gal for you, or someone you know?  Please help spread the word about this little lady.  As much as she loves her foster parents and brothers, she can’t wait to find a Furever Family of her very own!

If you’re interested in adding adorable, adoptable Olive to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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8 responses to “Adoptable Olive, still on the market!

  1. You guys are the best at making me want all of your foster dogs! I really can’t imagine why Olive and Cooper have not been scooped up. If we didn’t have this pesky 2-pet limit in our apartment, we could have a pack of pocket pitties!


  2. Sweet Olive, I know the right furever family is out there, they just haven’t come along yet, please be patient.


  3. Shelley

    ❤ her….she has so many kisses to share!!!! (LOVE LOVE LOVE those pics!!)


  4. Is it odd that I love Olive’s bum?! Look at how adorable each end of her is!!!


  5. She is too stinking cute! I am shocked she hasn’t been adopted yet…and on that note, I am shocked that Cooper hasn’t been adopted yet!


  6. Laura M

    So cute! So in love with her freckled tummy!


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