The Agili-Coop, week four

As we shared last week, Cooper has started Agility classes with Dogs & Kat to help work on his confidence.  Coop is a total natural on the Agility course – he’s constantly upstaging Foster Dad and me and reminding us that we’d better be on our toes if we’re going to keep up with him!  Check out his latest video from our fourth and final class of his first round of Agility classes…

We’ve already got Coop signed up for the second round of classes, where we’ll focus more on training his handlers (ahem, that’s Foster Dad & me) what to do with our bodies to guide him better.  We think that whoever Cooper’s furever family is, they will have soooo much fun with him if they continue him in Agility classes.  He’s a pro!

If Cooper’s your man, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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16 responses to “The Agili-Coop, week four

  1. So awesome! I love how his tail is wagging a mile a minute the whole time!


  2. Wow! All these bloggers taking their pups to agility class makes me want to take Turkey!


  3. Eden

    i love Kat! Aubie and i took agility over the summer and are in love! (we also did the basic manners class almost 2 yrs ago w her 🙂


  4. Laura M

    So awesome! Way to go Coop and foster fam!


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  6. Gayle

    So enjoyed watching Coop do his agility! He looked like a pro! Well, so did you guys! Fun huh? Would love to come watch!


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