You Oughta Be in Pictures

Saturday night was the Impression-a-Bull exhibit at the UltraViolet Gallery here in Nashville.  Local photographer and animal lover Amiee Stubbs joined forces with pit bull advocacy group, Nashville PITTIE, to shoot photos of Nashville pit bulls and their responsible owners, to show the public that there is more to “pit bulls” than the negative side that they might see in the media.

Photo by Amiee Stubbs Photography

Photo by Amiee Stubbs Photography

A total of 24 families took part in the exhibit.  They included State Representative and animal advocate Janis Sontany, teachers, nurses, dog trainers, lawyers, business owners and Tennessee Titan Michael Griffin.  Foster Dad and I got a big surprise when we walked in and saw that in addition to our family picture, Amiee had also chosen a picture of  Oscar to display in the exhibit.  Not that we can blame her – we might be a little biased,  but we think he is the most handsome man around.

Photo by Amiee Stubbs Photography

As for the “bad press” that pit bulls so often get, we were thrilled to see coverage for the event from three out of four major news networks in Nashville.

We even had a surprise little guest show up to support the project.

Photo by Amiee Stubbs Photography

She posted this adora-bull picture on her Facebook page…what she didn’t share was what the rest of us saw:

You know you’re a dog photographer if…

 Amiee is nothing if not dedicated!

Anything to get the shot!

If you missed the exhibit and would like to see all of Amiee’s beautiful photographs, here where it gets really cool – you can!  Amiee and Nashville PITTIE will put together all of the photos into an art book, available October 20th.  All proceeds from the book will go towards free spay/neuter programs for Nashville pit bulls.  If you’d like to donate to the project, you can do that here.  More information on how you can pre-order a copy still to come.

We couldn’t be happier with how our family photo turned out.  We decided to include Cooper in our photo because even though he’s a foster dog, he is a part of our family.  Just like all our foster dogs, even after he finds his furever home he will always have a place in our hearts.  And just maybe, his future People will meet him because of this exhibit?  Fingers and  paws crossed!   

Cooper is still looking for his furever home!  If it’s you, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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8 responses to “You Oughta Be in Pictures

  1. Laura M

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wish this had been going on when we were vacationing in Nashville last summer! We def would have gone!


  2. This is super cool and the photos are AMAZING! Love your family photo (and that Coop is included!)! The one of Oscar melts my heart.


  3. Simply amazing photos! And that puppy, can we just say……CUTE! Your family photo is just beautiful.


  4. What an absolutely fabulous event and of course Oscar was up there. Brilliant, fantastic, awesome. So glad people are helping to save the reputations of these dogs, whom I happen to adore.


  5. Shelley

    I hafta say…as I walked through the gallery, I felt excited….like I was friends with the ROCKSTARS in the photos!! 🙂 Y’all looked great!


  6. How fun! I love your family portrait!


  7. daisydog

    Puppy SQUEEEEE!! What a great event!! Can’t wait to see all the pictures 🙂


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