Glitter & Glam

This Sunday is Agape Animal Rescue’s fabulous fundraiser, Glitter & Glam.  Held at the gorgeous fancy-schmancy Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, this annual event is in its fourth year.  It includes a wine tasting, a fashion show and silent and live auctions, with every single last penny of the proceeds dedicated to helping Middle Tennessee dogs in need. 

Last year, Agape rescued and adopted out 70 dogs, due largely in part to donations from Glitter & Glam.  Seventy!  That’s more than one dog each week!  As a nonprofit, rescues like Agape rely heavily on donations to pay for things like pet food, medications, spay/neuter surgeries and other medical issues. Donations also allow Agape to take part in special rescue efforts, like the Warren County puppy mill bust and Operation Sweethearts. This will be my first year attending the event, and I am psyched. Let’s run through the checklist of things that are making me giddy about this event, shall we? 

Wine? Check.

Photo credit: Harmony Designs Photography

Dogs? Check.

Fashion? Check.

Dogs wearing fashion? Double check!

Photo credit: Harmony Designs Photography

Fancy grown-up party with beautiful people and we get to dress up? Check.

Yep, that’s Eddie George.

…and all the proceeds are donated to my amazing animal rescue? Check!

Photo credit: Harmony Designs Photography

Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love auctions?  I freakin’ love auctions – silent or otherwise.  The drama, the suspense, the excitement!  Even if I’m not involved in a particular item, I get so wrapped up in the bidding, and I find myself rooting for people to win. Then when the auctioneer proclaims “SOLD!”….nothing beats that moment.  Man I hope there’s a gavel….sorry, where was I? 

Oh yeah, check out some of the awesome donated items this year: a spa package, doggy swag/food/treats/books/grooming products galore, a canoe trip, gift cards,  a 6-night Florida beach vacation, a KYMCO Like 50 LX scooter, and (this is Nashville, after all) three pairs of designer cowboygirl boots – and MUCH more! These are just two pieces of original artwork being auctioned off, can you guess which one I have my eye on?

If you’re in Nashville on July 8, you should definitely consider joining me and Foster Dad at this awesome event.  You can get ticket’s on the Glitter & Glam website, and you can also scope out more auction items on the Glitter & Glam Facebook page.  Hope to see you there!



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9 responses to “Glitter & Glam

  1. What a great event! I wish I could be there, it sounds like fun.


  2. You are hysterical! And, I feel like we would bond instantly over all things wine, fashion and dogs! What an awesome event, have fun!!!


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  4. Sounds right up my alley. Looking forward to hearing how much you had and how much money was raised.


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