Molly Tamale Update

Molly Tamale has been in her new home for two weeks now, and she has settled right in.  As her new mom, Marla, reports:

A quick update from Molly. She’s been with us 2 weeks today and she’s doing great. We’ve had a lot of family in for our son’s wedding and she has been great. She exceptionally good with our grandchildren, especially, Noah. He likes to lie down beside her and rub her head. She just soaks it up. She has also made a 3 hour trip to Louisville and slept nearly the entire way both ways. She’s a keeper!


On a personal note, I am proud to say that this is the first adoption in which I successfully completed  without totally breaking down in tears.  As I said good-bye to Miss Molly two weeks ago, I think I knew deep down that this was finally “it” for her.  That she would be happier with Mike and Marla then she could possibly be anywhere else…even with us.

Molly Tamale, you have meant so much to us.  You’re the first (hopefully only!) foster dog who’s carouseled through Foster House twice, and it was quite an emotional journey.  We fell in love with you instantly, and we celebrated when you got adopted even though we knew we’d miss you terribly.  When you came back to us, we were devastated that things didn’t work out for you, but we were secretly thrilled to have you back – even if it was only going to be for a little while. We swore we wouldn’t let you go again unless the absolute perfect family came along for you…

And wouldn’t you know it…they did.

Like I make sure all the dogs who pass through our home know, we will love you forever, and we’ll never forget you.  We’ll always be here if you need us, but I have a feeling you’re not going to.  You’re Home now.



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7 responses to “Molly Tamale Update

  1. You have to cheer out loud when you read “She’s a keeper”! Yes she is!


  2. Look how happy and adorable she is laying down and looking out her new front door…. that must make you feel so HAPPY and RELIEVED. I so glad to hear that she is doing so well in her new home!


  3. So happy she found her true forever home where she can be loved and cherished for the awesome dog she is! Congrats!


  4. Every dog deserves their very own family and lots of love and it sounds like Molly has finally found that. I’m so happy for her!


  5. Aww! I’m so happy for Miss Molly. Isn’t getting updates so great? It makes letting them go soooo much easier!


  6. So sweet! I may have shed a tear for Miss Molly. Congrats to all involved!


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