We Like to Party

Last weekend, about a dozen Agape Animal Rescue foster parents gathered at Foster House to share food and war dog stories.  Agape holds these Foster Socials every few months, and it’s a great time to get together to share training tips, adoption stories, and everything in between with like-minded dog lovers. Oscar was, as predicted, a gracious host, and Cooper even dressed up for the occasion.

We’ve talked about Cooper’s anxiety around other dogs, but it hadn’t occurred to us that this would be Cooper’s first time in a house full of people. Not just people, but strangers who he hadn’t met before.  We weren’t quite sure how he would react.  Fortunately, after some initial nervousness, he calmed down and realized that more people in the house = more attention!

Unfortunately for him though, it did not mean People Food for Cooper.  This was a great thing about having a bunch of dog people in our home, who all understand how important it is to respect House Rules – no matter how heartbreakingly adorable Cooper’s “please feed me” face is! 

If you’re interested in adding Cooper to your family, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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7 responses to “We Like to Party

  1. I love that he wore his bow-tie for the occasion! 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh, what a cool idea! I love how close your rescue community is, and supportive.


  3. Cooper is rocking that bow tie! I’m glad he did well with the occasion.


  4. That is so awesome! I love your point about dog people knowing not to share food. It’s frustrating when people drop food at our house and then leave it for Melvin, esp since he’s most likely allergic to it. It is always refreshing when a dog person comes over and knows to ‘protect’ their plate!


    • I know! Thankfully, the majority of our friends are very respectful of our rules. For us, it’s not even so much that I don’t want them to have the food (depending on what it is), but more so it’s that I don’t want them to learn to lurk under foot when food is being prepared or people are eating at the table.


  5. Looks like so much fun! I agree, it is nice to have dog people over who respect your rules. I feel like such a curmudgeon when I bring Nola other places with people and ask them not to feed her!


  6. Shelley

    You and the dogs were gracious hosts!! I had a great time….and it was great therapy, as usual! 🙂 Thank you!


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