Two’s Company

Since Molly Tamale’s departure over the weekend, we’ve gotten this question a few times: “So are you going to get another one now?” 

Our answer:  HECK NO!

Our man Cooper is coming up on his five-month anniversary at Foster House.  And as lovable and charming as we find him, it’s no secret that he needs a little polishing.  In order to give him the attention he needs (and deserves) to help work out his quirks, we’re going to take this opportunity to refocus our training efforts and go back to being a two-dog household.

Don’t get me wrong, having three dogs was at times an absolute blast,and make no mistake – our doors will always be open to any of our former foster dogs who need us.  But, three was never “the plan.”  We’ve learned what we can handle, and what’s best for us and our dogs.  And what’s best for everyone at Foster house is two people, two pups.

If you’re interested in adding Cooper to your family, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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12 responses to “Two’s Company

  1. Jena

    But how ownderful of you all for being flexible. It will happen for Coop – his family is just waiting for the right time – Like Molly’s did. Keep up the awesome work!!!!


  2. Good call on focusing on Cooper for awhile, I’m sure bothie and Oscar and loving the extra attention! Do either of them seem to miss little Molly?


    • Well, I think Oscar is on a hunger strike. He and Molly ate their meals together, I think he’s wating for her to come back. It’s so sweet! And they’ve both been extra cuddly, they’re cuddly dogs anyway but they’ve been extra clingy to both of us since Saturday.


  3. We too have realized how hard it can be when the pups outnumber the people. Though I do think it was so admirable when we kept having the 3; that really can be so tough!


    • I think it also depends on the three….when we had Roxie, it was much different. Of course she was a puppy so it had it’s own set of challenges, but she really just interested in following Cooper and Oscar around, and learning from them. Molly was her own strong personality, and put together with the timing of Cooper’s backsliding with his leash reactivity, we just realized we couldn’t continue on with three right now. Maybe someday in the future, but for now – two’s cool with us! 🙂


  4. We’ve got three right now and have had three once before. Two is definitely much better for us! It’s easier for training, exercise, reactivity to things they see outside and making sure they get ample attention.


  5. One big, active and challenging dog takes up all of my free time and energy , so I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to manage three dogs. Especially if one or more of those dogs needed behavioral work. Since behavioral work takes so much time, patience and focus, I think you were wise to not take on another dog a this point so that you can focus on Cooper’s issues (and hopefully get some time to relax yourself!).


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