Last week, Cooper completed the Basic Family Dog Manners class with Dogs & Kat.  He passed his skills test with flying colors – We’re so proud of him!

Of course as a doting Foster Momma, I had to take some video of Cooper’s progress.  First, here is he working on “stay.”

Next, we practiced the beginnings of what could be turned into “roll over.”  For this task, we put Cooper in a “down,” then held the treat close to his nose and moved it back around his head.  Some dogs are naturals at this and go the rest of the way, completing the “roll over” on their own…we are not quite there yet.

Finally, the crown jewel – four on the floor, or “greeting a friendly stranger.”  This is one of the ten tests that dogs have to pass in order to get their Canine Good Citizenship certification, and Cooper – well, see for yourself:

Trust me, I was beaming with pride.  Cooper did so awesomely amazing in his class, I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He’s one smart cookie, extremely food motivated and loves to please his people – a training trifecta!

However, we are far from done with Cooper’s schoolin’ – he still needs to learn how to keep his nerves in check.   So, next on the docket is Relaxed Rovers, also with Dogs & Kat.  In Relaxed Rovers, “we work on helping dogs learn to be calm and focused on their people in distracting environments.  This class is for dogs who have a hard time being calm, whether due to excitement, reactivity with other dogs or people (especially when on leash), anxiety, or just plain lack of focus.” I am extremely excited for this class – it’s just what the doctor trainer ordered for young Coop, and I’m looking forward to sharing updates on his progress. 

If you’re interested in adding Cooper to your family, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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15 responses to “Graduation!

  1. Jena

    Awesome!!! So happy for all of you – this may just be what gets Coop into his furever…I know they are out there…


  2. Cooper’s four feet on the floor was EXTREMELY impressive…………he was having none of her tempting, he stayed focused and did his job. AND he was so excited too, he was vibrating almost he wanted her attention so much. I’m very proud of him and you guys for the work you’ve done with him!


  3. I’m so proud of Cooper!!!! Would love to hear how he does in the Relaxed Rovers class. Relaxed Rovers is a lifestyle vs a class with my dog, but she has come a really long way and so will Cooper. As you know, it takes a lot of time and patience, but he’ll get there.


  4. That is awesome, Cooper! Congrats!


  5. Congrats, way to go Cooper!


  6. Congratulations, Cooper! Also, I didn’t realize just how tiny he is. He looks much bigger when he’s next to Molly Tamale.


  7. FosteringRosieTheRed

    Way to go!!!


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