Problem Solving

Oooh, a new viewing portal to Outside has materialized.  I have never noticed this portal before…hmm, it is much higher off the ground than my current observation post.  How am I supposed to keep watch to make sure we’re not invaded by those pesky outside cats? Curse my stumpy little legs!

Fear not, because I am Molly Tamale and I am a problem solver.  I will keep us safe from those ferocious felines, come hell or high windows.

If you’re interested in adding Molly Tamale to your family, please fill out an applicaiton with Agape Animal Rescue.



Filed under Our Foster Journey

7 responses to “Problem Solving

  1. Oh Molly, you’re the cutest. I love those little stumps!


  2. You are the smartest, Miss Molly Tamale! You should take over the blog more often! 🙂


  3. Molly Tamale you are a doll! You’re sure to find a forever home soon!


  4. Very ingenious, Miss Molly!


  5. This is pure creativity! 🙂


  6. Resourceful! And ironically looking catlike as she perches on the table.


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