An Unusual Suspect

Cooper isn’t the only resident of Foster House with a disposition for mayhem.  I came home at lunch yesterday to find this:

How do I know that Oscar was the culprit instead of his two partners in crime? Number one, Oscar has had a taste for this chair since he was a wee lad.  The chair was a hand-me-down from some friends and wasn’t in the best shape, so from the beginning we decided it would be “The Dog Chair.”  We discouraged destruction, of course, but it was never the end of the world when it happened. 

And number two…

I love how Molly Tamale is sitting by, so sweet and innocent.  Cooper was outside during this video, but even after I let him in, he didn’t seem to have much interest in the carnage.   Oscar my friend – you are officially busted.



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12 responses to “An Unusual Suspect

  1. Oh Oscar… But he seems so happy chewing on that couch fluff!


  2. Oh my gosh…soooooooo naughty! I love his “who me?” face!


  3. zoki

    oh my god!! he doesn’t even stop! when emma does something like that, she stops and runs in to her crate. oscar, you’re a stinker!!!


  4. Brittany

    Oh Oscar! He looks so relaxed snacking on his chair, like he’s sipping a drink by a pool somewhere. I caught our “well behaved” dog up to his eyes in a potted plant the other day…he was showing the little wild dog how dig the plant out. Sigh!


  5. Ummm…you are the most patient dog mom out there, haha. I don’t know…still snacking while he’s being recorded? Mr. Oscar, I think you have quite the naughty streak sir!


  6. Woof to you Oscar!!!! You look extremely BUSY with that chair. What a big and ambitious project you took on. And I love how Molly Tamale is watching from the sidelines in dismay. Much love to you – XXOO – Mazzie


  7. I am sure the chair antagonized him

    Stop on by for a visit


  8. LOL! Sometimes it is hard to be angry when they look at you the way Oscar is in that first photo, it is almost as if he is saying “what carnage?”


  9. That is one bad Oscar! He’s lucky to be so darn cute. This is why our dogs are not allowed near the couch without supervision. I envision this on a multi cushion scale!


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