Foster Update: Foxy Roxie

I was beyond excited to recieve this touching note from Roxie’s new mom, Stacy. It brings happy tears to my eyes to picture this sweet puppy, who entered our lives so unexpectadly, living the life she was meant to live, with the family she was meant to love.  We couldn’t be happier for her.  Enjoy! ~Laura

Picture Abby drew for Roxie on her first night in her new home, so she would never forget her Foster Family - the first people (and dogs) who ever loved her.

I have never had a big dog.  In fact, I think my largest pet was my beloved Boston Terrier, Brandi, who weighed in at a whopping 18 pounds. My husband, Dale and daughter, Abigail, have been talking about adopting a family pet for quite some time.  But, I had my special Brandi, my little lap dog of 12 years, that would not have approved of another dog in the house.  Let’s face it…she really didn’t approve of having Dale or Abby in the house either, but she learned to tolerate them over the years.  Sadly, my beloved pooch passed on a few months ago.  The word “devastation” seems like an understatement. 

Through my grief, I announced that I was never going to have another dog.  The pain of losing Brandi was too much to think about having to go through it again.  I cried, I sulked, I slept, I didn’t sleep, I ate too much and then I didn’t eat at all…I just missed her terribly. Then, I remembered something…a promise that I had made to a total stranger 3 years ago.

Abby and I had gone to the “Mutt Strut” in the summer of 2009.  I was proudly parading Brandi around Centennial Park, when we came upon an information table for Agape Animal Rescue.  I had a very nice conversation with a lady who was promoting the rescue. Abby was going crazy over the dogs that were being promoted that day.  I took her card, and told her that someday we would call her, when were ready to adopt a family pet.

Abby loves training Roxie! She got Roxie to "down" for her on the very first try - even before Dad!

It was a Saturday morning when I remembered that story, and I immediately decided to Google Agape’s website.  Of course, I had no intentions of even looking at “adoptable dogs” once I got to the webpage, because I was never going to have another dog…right??  I scrolled down and saw a picture of Roxie.  My heart just leaped out of my chest. She was beautiful black and white pittie mix.   I watched her video and felt my heart strings pull.  I called Dale and Abby in to watch the video, and they loved her goofy little personality. We met Roxie the very next day and knew that she was a special girl, and that she would be a perfect addition to our family. 

I must admit that I was a little reluctant at first, because I still missed my Brandi so much and I still am grieving over her loss…but, I know that Brandi would have wanted me to give another stray the same love that I had given to her, and it was just selfish for me to think that I could keep that love to myself.  As for Dale and Abby?  Well, they never hesitated.  They knew she was the “one.”

She has fit right in…she goes with Dale to work in the garage,  she rides in the car every morning to drop Abby off at school, and then she spends every evening curled up on my lap.

We love our big ole lap dog!

Roxie with her Dad and new BFF, Diamond. Diamond, a pittie puppy just about Roxie's age, lives next door and comes over to play every day!

Congratulations on scoring an amazing Furever Home, Roxie – you really hit the jackpot!  We love you forever, and we’ll never forget you!
Love, Foster Mom & Dad



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13 responses to “Foster Update: Foxy Roxie

  1. Love this! The best part of fostering is seeing them end up with that perfect family. I’m still in amazement of how much she looks like former foster SuperLevi!


  2. How awesome! Sounds like her new family is great! How sweet!


  3. A great family AND a best puppy friend next door?! What more could a dog want?


  4. That is so great. I am so happy for Roxie!


  5. This truly sounds like the PERFECT home!


  6. stampinpuppies

    WTG Roxie, so happy for you and happy for your new family. And even better that her new parents are keeping in contact with you!


  7. It’s so wonderful how Roxie is a part of every family member’s daily routine. I’d love to see some photos or video of her at work at the garage! And it’s so adorable how Abby is focused on Roxie’s obedience training. As you said before, Roxie hit the jackpot in terms of forever homes.


  8. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Roxie definitely hit the jackpot with her new home!


  9. What an awesome happy ending

    Stop on by for a visit


  10. FoxyRoxyLover

    Thanks for posting Laura! Roxie is chomping on her bone, laying next to me on the couch reading over my shoulder:)


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