A Room with a View

Cooper is a “People Dog.” He wants to be right next to you, all the time.  Molly Tamale, on the other hand, is not.  It’s not that she doesn’t like people – she does!  But as we’ve talked about before, Molly likes her space sometimes.  If we ever don’t see or hear from her in a while, we always know where to find her.

As it turns out, the blanket is merely a formality.  It doesn’t matter if Foster Momma decides to be really mean and pick up her blanket for washing, as long as there’s sun shining on the floor, Molly Tamale is keeping her Wonderful Spot nice and safe. 

This is Molly’s own little sanctuary.  We tried for a while to reintroduce the crate with Cooper, but it failed.  (Miserably – more on that another time.)  However, we leave the crate where it is, with the door open, you know – “just in case.”  It turns out that Molly loves it – when she’s laying on the blanket staring out the window, she’s hanging out in the crate…staring out the window.

This Wonderful Spot has several perks that Foster Dad and I can come up with, aside from the lovely warm sunshine that streams through it in the early hours of the day.  Number one – neither of her foster brothers seem to spend much time in that area, so it offers her refuge when she needs it. 

Number two – the view! Maybe it’s because of her short little legs that Molly enjoys watching the world go by from up above.

Which brings us to a very important requirement for Molly Tamale’s Furever Family: a window!

If you’re interested in adding Molly Tamale to your family, and have a window that needs a furry fixture, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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5 responses to “A Room with a View

  1. Aw! How cute! She looks so happy in her sun spot 🙂


  2. I love how every dog (or cat) tends to pick out his or her special place. Molly looks so sweet in front of her window!


  3. The window used to be Badger’s spot, but Mushroom displaced him. Now he lies at our feet a lot more, or if he wants to be left alone, he hangs out under the dining table.


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