Like a Glove

Confession time…even though I was devastated for Molly Tamale that her adoption didn’t work out, and that she’d be bounced yet again, I was secretly doing a little happy dance that we’d get her back again.  Even though her first stint at Foster House was so short (only two weeks!), we couldn’t help but remember just how quickly we all fell in love with her.  As much as Foster Dad and I adored the stuffin’ out of her, it was nothing compared to Oscar’s infatuation with the little girl.

So when we heard that she was back on the market, we knew without hesitation that we’d bring her back into our home and shower her with love and dog treats. Our only wild card involved Sir Cooper…we just had no way of knowing how he’d react to having another woman take the place of his BFF so soon.  Thankfully, it seems we had nothing to worry about!  

Molly Tamale has reaffirmed just how agreeable and easy-going she is, fitting right back into Foster House like a glove.  Oscar has reclaimed his position as Coop’s snuggle buddy, and even though we’re still a three-dog house, the atmosphere is surprisingly calm.  Remove the puppy energy from Foster House, and what you get is a team of three very professional nappers. 

If you’re interested in providing a Furever Home for Cooper or Molly Tamale, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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8 responses to “Like a Glove

  1. I think I could be a professional napper. Are there any openings on that couch?


  2. I love that all of them have a pillow to rest their heads on – my dogs do that too! I’m not-so-secretly glad the Tamale is back because I love seeing photos of her with Oscar (and now Coop)!


  3. Oh wow, I get a whole post in response to my question! Thanks! Also, I sure hope you have another couch for the humans….


  4. Such a sweet photo! Looks like all is well in Foster House!


  5. Love them all on the sofa!!!

    Stop on by for a visit


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