A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

They grow up so fast.

Roxie has been with us for three weeks now.  We had noticed that she’s been overly “chewy” lately, and this past weekend, we discovered why:

At the time of this posting, Roxie has lost four teeth in three days – that we’ve found, anyway.  I’ve heard people say you can estimate a dog’s full-grown weight by doubling what they weigh when they lose their first tooth.  If  there’s any truth to that, and taking into account that she’s still a bit under-weight, we’re guessing that Roxie will end up around 70 lbs.  With the size of those monster paws, this does not really surprise us!

So what did the Tooth Fairy bring our little girl to celebrate this milestone?  A lovely new rope toy of her very own.  We usually don’t keep rope toys at Foster House because of Oscar’s pension for shredding them in mere minutes, but this one is all for Roxie.  So gnaw away, little girl – and give your old chew toys (Momma’s fingers and Cooper’s ears) a break!

Keep it close….those foster brothers of yours have a reputation for being dirty rotten toy thieves.

For information on adopting Roxie (or  Cooper, don’t forget about Cooper!) please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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8 responses to “A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

  1. SO cute – that last photo!


  2. That last photo is darling – she must really be aware that her foster brothers could jump out at any minute and take her rope!


  3. Staci

    What a cutie! Just came across your blog today… LOVE dogs, but mostly little ones 😉 I’ll be adding your blog to my subscriptions on bloglovin!


  4. Aw, Roxie reminds me of Super Levi from Two Pitties in the City! She’s a looker!


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