Roxie News Round-Up

Roxie sure has had a busy few days!

First, she got to spend an entire “girls day” with momma.  The boys went off to spend the day at Camp Bow Wow, so the two of us got to hang out, work on our “sits” and “downs,” and took regular trips outside every hour, on the hour, to try to hammer home that the appropriate place to conduct business is outside (we’re getting there).  There was plenty of quality snuggle time, and Roxie also helped with the housework – she proved to be very helpful folding the laundry.

Then, unfortunately, the unavoidable could be avoided no longer – it was time to go to The Vet.

Eventually Roxie relaxed, and took her first round of puppy shots like a champ.  The doctor puts her around four months old, and she weighed in at 28.2 pounds – that means she’s gained three pounds since we found her last week, and she sure could use the weight!  Her cute little ribs are still visible, but she’s starting to get a little layer of puppy chub over top of them now.  She’s got a few bumps and cuts she’s recovering from – reminders of her past life on the mean streets of Nashville, but other than that, she’s in pretty good shape. 

"Oh, that was it? That wasn't so bad."

She’ll have to go back in three weeks for her next round of shots, and of course she still has her “I ain’t gonna be no baby mamma” surgery ahead of her, but for now Roxie can breathe easy.   

And finally, for her biggest most super exciting news – Roxie’s been accepted into the Agape foster program! 

"I have? Really??"

That means she’ll enjoy all the perks of being an Agape dog – she’ll get to take part in adoption events, she’ll be posted on their website, and she’ll even get her own set of glamour shots.  That is, if she’s with us long enough to get them taken.  I have a feeling someone’s going to snatch this gal right up.  We weren’t sure at first if Agape was going to be able to add another dog to their program right now, especially since they recently added seventeen members to the family.  But wouldn’t you know it, they decided that there’s always room for a puppy.  

If your life could use a serious dose of puppy love, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.