Meal Times are Getting Eggciting!

Sorry for the pun, but Cooper has met The Egg!   And he freakin’ rocks at it.

This dog really is sharp.  Compare his first meeting with The Egg:

To the well choreographed dance he displayed on Day 3:

Not to shabby, huh?  It probably helps him that he is about the most food motivated dog I’ve ever met.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we love The Egg as a training tool – it helps work out the mental muscles of our excitable young Coop, and paired with daily walks, we’ve helped minimize his destructive habits

We haven’t talked a lot yet about who Cooper’s Perfect People would be, and one reason for that is we’re still trying to figure him out.  He’s an absolute love, and we completely adore him, but he does have some quirks.  One thing we know for sure is that Cooper’s People are going to have to be fully 100% committed to daily exercise with this guy – right now we’re doing two 30-minute walks every day, which I think is the bare minimum he will need.  The great part though is that he does amazingly well on the leash, so walks are not a struggle.  Plus, it gets me up off the couch, which is always a good thing!

If you’re ready for daily walks with Cooper, please contact
Agape Animal Rescue.



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10 responses to “Meal Times are Getting Eggciting!

  1. Awwww! Love it! Lucy Lou eats all of her meals from the Kong Wobbler (like the Egg) and she goes CRAZY when she sees me pull it out! Nothing makes that girl happier than to bat that bad boy all over the kitchen!


  2. zoki

    look at that tail wag the whole time!!!


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  4. ERott

    Liam has yet to figure out the egg… he can’t even get the treat out of a kong, he simply eats the bit sticking out and stops.


  5. we have tried these things with Mesa and she just destroys them

    Stop on by for a visit


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