And the Dirty Dog Award Goes To…

Usually one of the first things on the agenda when we bring a new foster dog into the house is Bath Time.   And lemme tell ya, I don’t think anyone needed a “Welcome to the Foster Family” bath more than Cooper did.  Man alive, that dog stunk!

Lemme outta here!

As usual, bath time was met with a bit of resistance.  Not sure what came out more soaking wet – Cooper, Foster Dad, or the bathroom floor. 


Nonetheless, Cooper survived bath time, and was transformed from a stinky mess to the most super-soft pup that been in our house since Oscar was a puppy.  And he sure smelled a heck of a lot better!

Clean as a whistle!

Now if we could just do something about that breath, sir…

For information on adopting Cooper, please contact
Agape Animal Rescue.



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4 responses to “And the Dirty Dog Award Goes To…

  1. zoki

    awww he is sooooo adorable!


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