Bitten By The Love Bug

Hey guys, Oscar here.   I gotta tell you, I am feeling very conflicted lately. 

I mean like I’ve said before, I love my boyz, and girls are stupid.  I mean that Kaylee, sheesh, I did not cry myself to sleep when she left – I got to spend Christmas with Momma & Daddy all to myself, and it totally rocked!  So when Momma came home one night with another stupid girl, I was none too pleased.  I mean sure, she was totally cute and all, but still…

But guys, check this out – I started feeling all funny around Molly Tamale.  The way she just walked into my house like she owned the place…well, it made me all tingly.  The way she’d play with me made me just want to roll over and let her chew on my neck.  I mean she’s so small, I don’t want her to get hurt or nothin’.  Not that she would, that broad can take care of herself, that’s for dang sure. 

It was so weird, I was total mush around her!  I just don’t know how to make sense of these feelings.  I mean, you saw what happened on the couch when we got home from the Dog Park.   Then, the other day, I caught myself spooning The Tamale.  Actually spooning!  Me!  Can you believe that?  (Then Momma said naughty words, something about “where’s my _______ camera?” so I got up real fast to help her find it.)

I heard Momma say something about “true love,” can someone please let me know what that is?  Because if that means the way I feel about Molly Tamale, then I think I like True Love.

Yep, it appears Oscar is in love.  He may end up disappointed, but Molly juuuuuust might have some exciting news for everyone tomorrow!



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9 responses to “Bitten By The Love Bug

  1. Whoa there Oscar…I think you are most definitely in lurve with the Tamale! You two make a pretty cute couple – and I love that you love a lady who can hold her own! 😉


  2. Aw, yay! You know what they say though, better to have love and lost… 😉 They do make a great looking pair!


  3. Theoretical Foster Auntie

    I think you should keep the Tamale. Just sayin’.


  4. Sounds like true love to me!


  5. I don’t know what to do – these photos are too cute!


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