Ping Pong Tamale

Some information has recently come to light regarding Molly Tamale’s past life.  Through several different sources and some detective work, we’ve been able to piece together her travels up until she came to live with us.  Partly because we love a good mystery, and partly because we just for the life of us can’t figure out how such a sweet, smart, adorable, lovable, unique looking, hilarious dog ended up in just about the worst place a dog can end up – The Shelter.

I thought I’d share, because despite being bounced around like a ping-pong ball six times so far, she is one of the most mellow, agreeable dogs I have ever met.  She seems to love everybody, and every dog she meets.  It’s really a testament to the resilient nature of dogs.  So, here it is, the life of Molly Tamale up until now, in six parts:

  1. Once upon a time, Molly lived on a farm where she could run and play with three other big dogs and a family with three children.  This might explain why she can hold her own so well with other dogs, up to four times her size!   (Oh, did I mention that while she was at the dog park over the weekend, her playmate of choice was a Great Dane?  True story.)  Eventually this family moved on…
  2. So Molly landed with a friend of a friend, to a family that had two children and another dog, a Boxer.  She was loved dearly, unfortunately one evening there was an altercation between Molly and her Boxer brother, which upset the children she was living with.  After three months with this family…
  3. Molly Tamale landed behind bars, where she quickly won over the staff at The Shelter with her killer good looks and sweet temperament.  Then…
  4. Molly got ADOPTED!   The Shelter staff rejoiced, and sent Molly happily on her way.  She was finally on her way Home.  But, a week later…
  5. Molly was back at The Shelter, after it was reported that she chased the resident cat.  (And to be honest, after seeing Molly react to squirrels on walks, I have no doubt that this is true.)  So Molly was back behind bars, waiting again for her furever.
  6. Finally she caught the eye of Agape Animal Rescue.  After our last foster got adopted, they forwarded Molly’s picture on to us. We were like, uh, yeah!  Oscar and I went down to meet her, and we sprung her from that joint for good!  Now of course she is at Foster House, where she has but one more stop on her journey…

For information on becoming Molly Tamale’s Furever, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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13 responses to “Ping Pong Tamale

  1. wonderful that you were able to provide so much of her history. i feel sometimes people think that shelter pups are used or unwanted. but some just have long stories, like humans…


  2. Amanda Myers

    What a sweetie. It really is amazing how much some dogs can go through and still be such sweet, trusting, loving companions. They’re such resilient and wonderful beings. I hope she finds her fur-ever home really soon.


  3. Wow, poor Molly. But she’s lucky to have you as her foster! She reminds me a lot of my cat Stella, who has also been bounced around. We don’t know anything about her past homes, except that she has 3 microchips, which one would think means she had families who wanted to keep her.


  4. We sure hope that this sweet girl finds her furever home very soon. Seven is a lucky number!


  5. It always feels good learn some more about the history of a pup

    Stop on by for a visit


  6. Poor thing! Well, at least she is with you now and safe until she finds her forever family – she is lucky to have you!


  7. It really amazes me how easily people can give up their dog, even with kids involved! What kind of example is this setting? I understand there are times where it really is an agonizing decision and many options have been looked at and tried and it still is simply not going to work… but overall i think people just see it as too much of an option when they are getting a dog in the first place. Often enough thought is not put into the original decision in the first place and thus the dogs suffer. But I will get off my soap box, hopefully she finds a home deserving of her soon.


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