Snow Day?

Nashville was on red alert last night, as the threat of the first snow of the season loomed.  This morning school children across the county rejoiced as it was declared a “Snow Day.”  I got up and looked out my window expecting see a winter wonderland. 

This is how much snow I saw:

*Sigh* Oh, South.  You are so funny.  Well OK then, it looks like Mother Nature made my mind up for me as far as what to do with the dogs today.

Yep, Molly Tamale’s first trip to the Dog Park.  Just look at that blue sky, and zero inches of white stuff on the ground.  How could we stay home on a day like this? Snow Day, my foot. 

Oscar taught his foster-sister that the easiest way to get to know everyone at the Dog Park is to join the welcoming committee. 

She indulged in only the finest of drinking fountain refreshments.

Then of course we came home and this happened:

For information on adopting Molly Tamale, please contact
Agape Animal Rescue.



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11 responses to “Snow Day?

  1. Looks like a perfect snow day to me! Glad the pups had fun at the park!


  2. I love that Molly is learning from Tucker how to behave at a dog park. Zoe could use a positive influence like that. That dog park also looks amazing. Wish we had something like that in Chicago!


  3. The sleeping on the couch photos are my favorite!


  4. You call THAT a snow day?! Oh man…we have to have a ton of ice with three feet of snow over it before they call it here – jealous!!!

    Well, I am glad you enjoyed your snow day and got to go to the dog park! Looks like fun!


  5. LOL Emily, just to be clear – I am from the midwest, I do not call that snow. The South calls that snow! 🙂


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