Molly Tamale – Cuteness Overload

I’ve been checking my e-mail obsessively all week, as anxious as a kid on Christmas morning, waiting for a special cyber-delivery that finally came today…

Molly Tamale’s gorgeous glamour shots, courtesy of the talented April Hollingsworth at Harmony Design Photography! (By the way, if you go to her website, you just may see someone you recognize…)

I know that everyone thinks their dog is the cutest, most beautiful, handsomest, most adorable thing on the planet.  I am as guilty of gushing over Oscar’s handsome face as the next crazy dog owner, but I just gotta say this…

Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Allow me, if you will, to break down the cuteness…first is of course the adorably flopped over ear.

Then, the sweet little pigeon toed foot – and there are two of them!  That’s double the cuteness!

Finally, as if you need any more, prepare to suffer from total and complete cuteness overload, because here comes that award winning, can’t-help-but-make-you-smile, smile…

I mean, seriously?  Could you just die from the cuteness, or what??  The best part is that there is so much more cuteness to Molly Tamale than these pictures have captured…there’s the little white tip of her tail.  The spot on top of her nose where the hair has all but worn away – perfect for kissing on.  There’s a little island of white fur right on the back of her head, surrounded by gray.  And her little sideways hop she does when she’s excited – how she gets all four feet off the ground at the same time, I’ll never know. The cuteness Molly shows off in photos is just a fraction of what she exhibits in person. 

So, as cuteness is all relative, my challenge to you is this – if you think your foster dog’s cuteness can stand up to Molly Tamale’s, sideways hop over to our Facebook page and post a picture.  I want the cutest one you’ve got, I’m talking knock-me-over-with-adorableness. Give us a little bio, along with contact information for their rescue.  Who knows, maybe one of Molly’s readers is your foster dog’s Person, and they don’t even know it yet!

For information on adopting the adorable Molly Tamale, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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15 responses to “Molly Tamale – Cuteness Overload

  1. What a cute idea….although I am not sure any of my dog’s photos can compare to that cuteness….. 😉


  2. LOVE it – amazing glamour shots!


    • We are so lucky that Agape partners with some amazing photographers. All the dogs in their rescue program get professional shots done. It’s no secret that a good picture can make all the difference when someone is searching through hundreds and hundreds of online posts of dogs in need of homes.


  3. Those are some awesome glamor shots! I love her little pigeon toes! 🙂


  4. I’ll confess … I’m totall melting!


  5. Theoretical Foster Auntie

    Aw, I found Tucker! You sure are making this “cat person” want a dog with these posts! 🙂


  6. What an interesting and cute looking dog! She is like a corgi pit mix, very cute. Great shots, I gotta make a point to check back more often here.
    Be careful with all those snowy days, looks like our snow storms thus far, though even in MD we don’t get off that easy.


    • I know, we just love her. We’ve heard a lot of theories on her breed mix, we think she lands somewhere between corgi / pit / beagle / basset / catahoula / bull terrier. 🙂 She’s 100% awesome as far as we’re concerned! Thanks for reading!


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