A Bath? Sure, Whatev’s.

Molly Tamale, you have fit in seamlessly at Foster House.  You have spunk in spades when Oscar needs a playmate to run off his energy, but then you flip the switch and before we know it you’re in full on lounge lizard mode.  It makes us so happy to see how obviously comfortable you are with us here.   You’ve gotten The Routine down pat – you know where to sit to wait for your dinner, you know the neighbor dog doesn’t mean you any harm when he barks at you, you conduct all your business appropriately Outside (batting a thousand so far), and you even seem to recognize the sound of Foster Dad’s truck when he pulls in the driveway.  With your sweet calm nature you’ve even conned us in to letting you sleep on the couch at night instead of in your crate.  

But there’s one thing, Miss Molly, we have yet to introduce you to.  Will you still love us after…

…Bath Night?!?!?! 

Don’t be mad, after your play date, we really didn’t have a choice.  Coming from The Shelter, we had no idea when your last bath was and quite frankly…well, you stunk, babe.

Molly, I’m not gonna like, we expected a fight.  Bath Night usually isn’t pretty.  But you surprised us yet again – you took it like a woman without complaint.  Does your agreeable nature know no bounds?

As much as you seemed to enjoy the bath itself, I think your favorite part was tearing around the house like a woman possessed afterwords, burrowing under the couch pillows and licking the water off of your fur that the towel left behind.






And our favorite part?  Burying our faces in your oh-so-soft, clean, vanilla scented fur as you snuggled on our lap, completely tuckered out.  Girl you clean up good.

For information on adopting the agreeable Molly Tamale, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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11 responses to “A Bath? Sure, Whatev’s.

  1. My favorite part is the human bathing suit attire!


  2. Every time my dogs get wet they do the same thing on our furniture! Too funny!


  3. So great to hear it wasn’t a struggle!

    Stop on by for a visit


  4. fibreharmonicsymphony

    I love seeing Molly’s bath night. None of my dogs have ever been so laid back for a bath. We had a miniature schnauzer when I was younger who would actually climb up my arm to try to get out of the tub.


  5. Theoretical Foster Auntie

    I think I love Molly Tamale!


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