Taking Oscar Back to Basics

Last week we introduced everyone to a handful of pups in need of homes, all candidates to be our next foster dog. We had decided to be a little picky this time around…after Oscar got into it a bit with our last house guest, we wanted to be absolutely certain that our main man of the house would get along well with our next tenant. 

Our Oscar...the love of our lives!

Our first thought was, maybe we’ll try an older dog, one that doesn’t have quite as much puppy energy as Kaylee did, and had some better socialization skills from the beginning.  So first we met Ty.  He is four years old, and had lived in a home before.  As with any time we meet a new dog to potentially bring into the house, we met in a nearby park and took a walk around the neighborhood before letting the dogs do the Butt Sniff Dance, and finally let them off leash together in the fenced backyard.  The two did fine together on the walk, and played and chased each other around the backyard.  Eventually though, Oscar and Ty had a disagreement over ownership of a frisbee, and had to be separated.  So bachelor #1 was out.  The good news for Ty is that he has since been adopted, and is now living happily in his furever home!

OK…Perhaps we go the opposite direction, and try a very young dog, one that Oscar could show the ropes to and act as wise older brother.  Since Oscar is only (almost) two himself, this led us to Humpty – what we had unofficially called the puppy with the broken leg.  Well before we could even meet him, more good news – another rescue had stepped in and taken little Humpty into their program, so he is being taken care of as well.  (I will link to his Petfinder ad as soon as it is up!)  So bachelor #2 was also out.

So we started to think that the best thing to do for Oscar would be to bring in a dog that’s smaller than he is, so he doesn’t feel threatened.  Unfortunately that meant bachelors #3 (Rosco) and #4 (Halo) were also out – they are both big boys!  With a smaller dog, we could use that dog to help Oscar practice sharing, learn how to be polite, and be an over-all gracious host to any and every dog that comes into “his” home. 

My name is Oscar, I sleep like a pretzel and this is MY house...but Imma learn how to share nice, I promise.

Enter Molly Tamale – topping out at 40 pounds max (we haven’t weighed her, we’re guessing), she’s proving to be a valuable tool so far.  She’s extremely mild-mannered and submissive to Oscar, and has an overall very mellow energy about her. Our main objective now (other than getting her adopted, of course!) is to use her to help Oscar get back to basics – that is, manners.  After this initial “getting to know each other” period, everything is going great so far.  Oscar and Molly are getting along wonderfully, so we’re going to start slowly introducing toys, and teaching the “share” command.

We said from the very beginning when we started fostering that our number one priority would always be Oscar’s happiness, safety and general well-being.  He is, after all, our main man, and the center of our universe (which if you think is dramatic, you obviously don’t have dogs).  He’s such a good dog, the last thing we wanted to do was traumatized him in any way. 

So Miss Molly Tamale – this is no free ride, we’re gonna put you to work!  Your job is to learn along side of Oscar, to sit, wait, down, and share right along with him.  Don’t worry, there’s something in it for you, too – once you have those mastered, you’ll be even more adoptable than you already are!  Your People won’t be able to resist you.

For information on adopting Molly Tamale, contact
Agape Animal Rescue.



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3 responses to “Taking Oscar Back to Basics

  1. We enrolled Turk in a training class to work on his manners – sometimes you just have to get back to basics! And like you said, your foster can learn along with Oscar!


  2. I just like that Oscar sits in pretzel shape. 😉


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