Molly’s First 48

During Molly’s first two days at Foster House, she’s fit in like a glove.  Oscar took to her immediately, and she wasted no time making herself right at home.  Here are a few things we’ve learned about Molly so far…

Molly loves riding in the car.  Like, loves it.  On the way home from the shelter, she curled up in ball and slept in the backseat the entire ride home.  Since then, every time we get in the car she jumps right in and rides politely in the back. And if you put the window down a crack so she can stick her nose out, she is in heaven. 

Molly is one smart Tamale.  She already knows “sit,” and is extremely responsive to corrections.  She’s learning that the Magic Door to Outside will not open unless her rear is planted firmly on the ground.  Same goes for her dinner, it doesn’t materialize unless she is sitting politely on the kitchen floor.   She also has some pretty impressive leash skills for a beginner, but we’re going to continue to perfect them. 

Molly is a laid back gal.  She likes to play with Oscar, but it just as happy snoozing on the floor, on the couch, or on the doggie bed in the corner. 

Molly also had the opportunity to make some new friends.  We went over to a friend’s house where she met Oscar’s buddies, Libby and Dexter.  After an initial introduction period, customary sniffing dance, and expression of pecking order, everyone got along great.  Molly had an awesome time tearing around the backyard, chasing Oscar, getting chased by Libby, and barking at a cat in the tree with Dexter. 

It’s only been two days, but Molly has already wrapped us all around her adorable little paws. She’s going to make a wonderful addition to some lucky family…is it yours??

For information on adopting Molly, contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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4 responses to “Molly’s First 48

  1. Well, she’s just beautiful! Congrats on a wonderful foster girl!


  2. So glad to hear she is fitting in so well! She is a beauty!


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