Meet Molly Tamale!

Let’s have a great big Happy Friday / “Welcome to the foster family” cyber-party for our newest house guest…Molly Tamale!

Is she stinkin’ cute or what?  Molly was pulled out of the shelter at Williamson County Animal Control after being turned in as an owner surrender, because she didn’t get along with the cat.  So, Molly’s furever home – no cats!

We can’t wait to see what Molly Tamale has to teach us about herself this weekend…so far we know she’s curious, playful, and she knows how to “sit.”  That’s a pretty good start! 

So what happened to these guys?  More on why we chose to go with Molly as our next Foster Pup in our next post, but for now, rest assured that Rosco, Halo, Ty and Humpty (what we unofficially call the puppy with the broken leg) are all safe, but they are still all looking for their furever homes…for now, that is – I hear Ty already has an adoption application in, let’s keep our fingers crossed for him! 

For information on adopting Molly Tamale, contact
Agape Animal Rescue.



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6 responses to “Meet Molly Tamale!

  1. Jen

    She’s adorable! I love her pretty gray color.


    • I know, isn’t it awesome? I’ve learned that color pattern is called blue merle, and dogs that can have that coloring include Austrailian Shepards, Catahoula Leopard Hounds, even some Chihuahuas. I think Molly is at least part Welsh Corgi (she’s got those stumpy little legs), they can also have that pattern.


  2. Pleased to meet you, Molly. You’re in for the good life now!


  3. She is very pretty. I second how pretty the blue merle coloring is.


  4. She’s adorable! Can’t wait to learn more about her! She is just gorgeous!


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