I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

Stunned.  Amazed.  Speechless (well, almost).  Honored.  Wow! 

Guys, hold onto your butts, because after just three short months of blogging, HBAMF has gotten it’s first award!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the hilariously funny, eloquent, smart, good-looking Emily over at Our Waldo Bungie for sharing the Liebster Award with us!

“Liebster” is German for “dearest” or “loved,” and this award is meant to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming blogs (ahem, that’s me) with less than 200 followers (also me). 

Of course, with each honor comes great responsibility (some famous guy said something like that once, right?) so as a recipient of this award, I have some basic obligations I must fill:

  1. Thank the giver, and link back to the blogger who bestowed the award.  (check – see above)
  2. Share 5 blogs I “liebe” that meet the lesser known, fewer than 200 follower requirement. (check – see below)
  3. Copy and paste the award on my blog. (check – right up there, see?)
  4. Hope the 5 blogs I pass the Liebster Award on to also fulfil these simple requirements and continue to spread the liebe!

And now, without further ado, my 5 picks for the Liebster Award! 
(Side note to these 5 bloggers – please don’t be offended if you actually do have more than 200 followers, I am going by your FB/Twitter stats or guessing if I can’t find it on your blog!)

South Nashville Life– SNL is “A peek into what it means to live, work and play in the area just south of Downtown Nashville” – aka, my ‘hood.  I could talk for a long time about how much I love my neighborhood and my neighbors, but that’s the subject of another blog.  Suffice to say that SNL is written by a neighbor and good friend of mine, who reviews local businesses, attends local events and addresses local issues.  I learned a lot about by ‘hood via SNL when we first bought our house two years ago, and as Jen takes a break from blogging to focus on grad school, I anxiously await it’s return!

Our ridiculous(ly) Happy Life – One of my dearest friends from when I was a very wee lass started this blog last year to keep her friends and family updated on her adventures of raising two boys (with a third due any day) with a husband in the military.  While I’m not usually a fan of “mommy blogs” (unless those “mommies” have fur-babies), Sue is one of the most hilarious people I know.  Even if you don’t have kids, you can’t help yourself but to laugh along with her as she navigates her crazy life. 

If You Ask Me – I ran across Audreya’s blog during a session of blogroll surfing that I can’t even begin to recall.  Her blog’s been around for a few years and she very well may not fit into the ‘under 200′ catergory, but guess what?  Dont’ care.  She’s freakin’ hilarious and I love her blog.  And she describes herself as “snarky” which just might be one of my favorite words ever. 

Give Me Grapes – Wine…mmmm.  While I love a yummy glass of grape juice every now and again, I am by no means a wine connoisseur.  And neither is Erin, which is why I love her blog – she is “drinking her way around the world” and blogging about her wine education along the way. 

My Heart’s In Haiti – Elizabeth and her hubby fell in love with a four year old orphan while on a mission trip to Haiti in February 2011.  They are going through the process of adopting him, and bringing him home to Tennessee.  Her blog chronicles their journey through dealing with the US Embassy, the Haitian government, and fundraising. 

So there they are, some of my favorite hangouts in blogosphere.  You should probably go check them out!  Well wait a minute, at least finish reading this post first, sheesh…

One more time, a huge thank you to Emily from Our Waldo Bungie for thinking of us when you passed on this award.  More than anything, I’m just so thrilled that people are actually reading this thing, because it means that my foster dogs are getting exposure – which is the whole goal in the first place!  Even if some of my readers are in Kansas City, Austin, Chicago, DC, or Cleveland and may not be in a position to adopt a dog from Nashville, it still means my pups furry little faces are reaching people who never would have known they existed otherwise. 

That feels pretty dang good, I’m not gonna lie.

And now, because this is a foster blog after all, here’s a picture of a dog who is looking for her furever home:

…more on her tomorrow!



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6 responses to “I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

  1. I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award as well (I doubled up) – so remember to share 10 things about yourself sometime too!!!! Congrats!


  2. Theoretical Foster Auntie

    This rates right up there with college graduation as events in your life that made me proud!


  3. I followed two new blogs because of yoU! And that dog is GORGEOUS!


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