Oh, Hay There!

When you have dogs, your yard takes a beating.  Especially when it’s a northern facing exposure with a very specific path the dogs must travel in order to conduct their business.  On this day of stay-cation, and in preparations of a new house guest, we decided to do something about it.  And as I am a sucker for a good “before and after” reveal, I bring you:  Hay Day.*


No sun hits this spot, ever. Grass or ground cover has absolutely zero chance of growing here...I'm thinking rock garden?


Oscar is demonstrating proper use of The Path to the backyard.


This is the spot where the water drains off the roof into a nice little puddle every time it rains.


Just, yuck. I'm sure I don't have to explain what paws look like coming inside after a rainy day.



Ta da!


Oscar approves.

Much better.  This should help eliminate some muddy paws, at least until spring when we can come up with a more permanent solution.  What do some of you guys do to help with mud in the backyard?  I’m open to suggestions!

*Remember MTPRC?  They’re the heroes who rescued Kaylee off her chain.  They host a “Hay Day” every year as the weather starts to get cold, in which they travel around the Nashville area delivering hay, shelters and  cold weather supplies to dogs in need. Love those people!



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6 responses to “Oh, Hay There!

  1. I think we are going to have to put some hay down in our backyard since it always gets super muddy. But I’m not sure Turk wouldn’t just dig under it and get muddy anyways! 😉


  2. The title is still making me giggle!


  3. Amanda Myers

    Oh gosh. We can definitely relate. Late summer/early fall was the tipping point for us. Our backyard was already having trouble keeping grass grown. Add Barney and Bella too the mix and our backyard had turned into a mud pit without a stitch of grass to be found. Our floors were constantly covered in mud/dirt. It was a sad state of affairs. We tried mulch/straw which helped temporarily. A few rainfalls later though, and we were back to square one. We finally broke down late fall and decided to completely re-seed the backyard. We blocked of a small portion of the backyard with pallets for the dogs to have a place to run around a little and do their business (which has worked really well). This has allowed our new grass to grow undisturbed. We seeded it thick hoping that we can get a thick enough ground cover by spring to keep the mud down next year. I imagine we’ll seed the current “dog area” next spring. We’re hoping to keep on top of it enough that it never gets to the point where it turns into all dirt again. Only time will tell, but we are sure hoping it works. Good luck!


    • Amanda I imagine you guys have a similar problem that we do, that the soil just STINKS as far as being able to hold grass! Our house was actually picked up and moved to it’s current location about 6 years ago, so before that it was an empty lot, which I can only imagine (from that crap we find in our backyard) that it was used as a neighborhood dumping ground. I’d love to just astro-turf the whole freakin’ thing.

      I’m hoping the hay holds out until spring, we’re going to HAVE to think of something to do at that point. We may end up doing a floating deck or rock path all the way down the side of the house, that way even if the backyard is still muddy, the dogs might knock most of it off their paws running back to the side door to come inside.

      PS I’m glad the pallets worked out for you guys! 🙂


      • Amanda Myers

        The floating dock/rock path sounds like a really good idea. If our attempt to plant some grass doesn’t work out (I’m thinking we have a less than 50% chance) we’ll have to look at something similar. So you’ll have to post your plans/results! We did get a Roomba this year as an early Christmas present. That thing is stinking awesome! I have to say that I care a little less about the dirt now that it’s generally all vacuumed up by the time we’re up and going in the morning!


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