Who’s It Gonna Be?

We’re getting restless. 

It’s been a week since Kaylee joined her furever family, and we’re feeling  the itch.  We traveled over Christmas so it was impractical to get a new foster right away, but we’ve been back home for 48 hours now.  The house is just so quiet!

We have several potential candidates for our next foster.  Since I just can’t wait any longer, let’s go ahead and meet them all, shall we?

This is Rosco.  We don’t know a thing about this guy, but what a looker!   Don’t you just want to smoosh on that face?

Here’s Halo…He’s a little over a year old, and got left behind when his family moved out-of-state and couldn’t take him with them.  What a smile!

This handsome guy is Ty.  He got dropped off at a vet’s office over the summer to be boarded for a few days, and his owner never returned for him. Who could abandon a face like that?

And we don’t know the name of this little nugget, just that he’s about four months old and got picked up as a stray after being hit by a car.  He’s recently had surgery on his leg, poor little thing.  At least from the picture it looks like his tail-wagger isn’t broken!

So which one of these lucky pooches will be ringing in the New Year at  Flaherty Foster House?  Check back soon to find out!

All of these dogs are searching for their People, and waiting to find their furever homes.  For more information on adopting them (or if you’d like to foster in the Nashville area), leave a comment below or e-mail us at:
aheartbeatatmyfeet AT gmail DOT com



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6 responses to “Who’s It Gonna Be?

  1. All so cute! I’m starting to lean towards older dogs now…is the top dog an older dog?


  2. They are all so adorable! Can’t wait to find out which one you decided to foster!


  3. They are all sooo adorable!


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