Dog Park Princess Strikes Again

Since Kaylee’s first trip to the dog park, we’ve been making it a regular outing.  The dogs love it, they have a great time (even if it does result in Bath Time) and come home exhausted.  Kaylee gets along great with the other dogs, and she means business when it comes to play time. 

She runs and chases her foster brother:

She loves fetch, and understand the importance of getting to the ball before the other dog:

…even when that dog is foster brother:

When she got tired of fetch, she hunkered down with her new love, Tennis Ball:

She even made time to bond with foster mom:

Then, just when we thought she was pooped and ready to call it a day, she’d be off again!

For information on adopting Kaylee, please contact
Agape Animal Rescue.



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10 responses to “Dog Park Princess Strikes Again

  1. These pictures make me smile! what a lucky pup!


  2. We have tried to take Ginger to the dog park but she just follows the fence line and hangs out by herself. Not so fun. Glad Kaylee enjoys it though! Turkey would LOVE to run with her! 🙂


  3. Brittany swickard

    My husband and I saw this as well as some of the other posts and we just fell in love with kaylee. How does she do with younger kids?


    • Hi Brittany! I’m so glad Kaylee had such a great impression on you, she certainly is lovable – we fall in love with her every day, all over again! 🙂

      To be honest, she’s not tested with small children, so I really can’t be sure. Since she’s a larger girl (60 lbs & still filling out, she was a skinny minnie when we got her!), and young (barely a year old), she’s got quite a bit of maturing to do before I think she would be quote/unquote “good” around young kids. I personally think she’d do great with older children (tweens/teens) but unfortunately we don’t know a lot of kids that age, so she not tested with them either. A lot of time she doesn’t quite realize how big she is and can be very “in your face” when she wants her snuggle time. That might be overwheming to young kids.

      Are you local to Nashville? I know there are lots of great dogs out there that are kid tested/mother approved, availbale for adoption!


  4. Such a cute face! Dog parks are not for every dog but it’s really fun to have a dog who loves them!


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