Kaylee and the Egg

We’ve gotten a lot of good advice over the few years we’ve been dog owners, and the few months we’ve been fosters.  When Oscar was young and in his Puppy Kindergarten class, our instructor introduced us to the idea of feeding him meals out of interactive treat/food dispenser toys, so we used to feed Oscar all of his meals out of “the egg.”   For some reason or another we’ve gotten away from it recently, but we decided to bust it out again with Kaylee because she just…Eats.  So.  Fast! 

These toys are great for a lot of reasons.   They help the dog eat slower, which obviously keeps them occupied longer (and gives you more time to do the laundry or cook diner undisturbed).  They also help exercise Kaylee’s mind as she tries to figure out how to gain access to her breakfast. 

Dogs need to practice their problem solving skills just like we do.  When their mind gets a work out, it mentally wears them out, just like a good walk physically wears them out.  This helps keep them engaged, sharp, and most importantly, not bored.  Because I think we all know what can happen when dogs get bored.

Kaylee is demonstrating “the egg” (as we call it, it’s actually called a Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble) here.  After Oscar got too good at it, it was no longer a challenge for him, so we added a Buster Cube to the rotation.  We’ll have to see how long it takes Kaylee to master it and move on to the Cube.

She’s pretty good at it so far, I don’t think it will be too long!

For more information on adopting Kaylee, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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5 responses to “Kaylee and the Egg

  1. Ginger is eating out of the Kong Wobbler (similar to the Kibble Nibble) as I type this. Best. Invention. Ever!!


  2. Thanks for sharing – we have the iq ball – weve never seen the egg. great idea!


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