Since Kaylee has been doing so amazing getting along with her foster brother and other dogs at the Dog Park, we’ve been making it a pretty frequent trip.  It never fails, we always come home with two very happy tired pups.  However, with the Dog Park comes lots of wrasslin’, slobber, mud, and delightfully smelly things to roll in.  We just couldn’t put it off any longer:  it’s Bath Time at Foster House.

What exactly is going on, here?

"Wait, why are you doing this to me?"

"But, I've been a good girl! What's going on?!?"

"Oh, it's over? Well that wasn't so bad...."

Even the collars got a bath.

All clean after a bath!

Dog Park and Bath Time all in one day is a lot of work!

"If enduring the evils of Bath Time means I get to snugle on Daddy's lap, then I'm in."

Kaylee, you’ve been holding out on us.  We’re on to your little secret now – that after Bath Time your beautiful brindle fur becomes as soft as velvet.  And since Snuggles are your absolute favoritest thing on the entire planet, I think you will come to enjoy bath time…since afterwords we are powerless against the draw of your sweet puppy shampoo smelling cushy furry face.  So I present to you this bargain:  if you promise to continue being as well-behaved during Bath Time as you were this time around, in return we promise to give you as many Snuggles as you want, for as long as we are lucky enough to have you with us.  Deal?
“Deal. Now get back over here and Snuggle me.”
If you would like to experience Kaylee’s post-bath snuggly softness for yourself, please contact Agape Animal Rescue


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6 responses to “Rub-a-Dub-Dub

  1. Gosh, could she be any cuter? And the soft furs of velvet? I think I’m in love!


    • She could try, but no…I don’t think she could possibly be. The big floppy ears, the soft winter jacket, the wrinkly forehead, the little hairs on the end of her tail that come to a little spiral at the tip…it’s all almost too much cuteness to take! Ooooh, and the eyes, have I mentioned the eyes?? Anyone who ever thought that dogs don’t have souls has obviously never stared deeply into Kaylee’s baby browns.


  2. Her eyes are just the most velvet-y chocolate brown! Adorable!


  3. looks like an amazing bath time! perfect for cuddles!


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