Happy Birthday Kaylee!

We were told that Kaylee was “about 11 months old” when she came to live with us. Well that means she needs a birthday, doesn’t it?  We picked today because the first day she went to the vet after she was liberated from her chain by MTPRC was on July 11th, at which time they said she was about 7 months old.  Simple math brings us to today, December 11th: Kaylee’s first birthday. 

Unfortunately Kaylee is still on a restricted diet due to her recent infection, so  a cake* was out of the question.  However, that doesn’t mean she can’t be spoiled with a nice trip to the park with her foster family and a new toy!  Birthdays are special occasions at Foster House, so we suspend our “nothing stuffed” rule.   

Happy Birthday, Kaylee!  Now let’s find your People so you can spend your next one with them.

If you want to spend the rest of Kaylee’s birthdays with her, contact Agape Animal Rescue.

*Even though Kaylee didn’t get a cake, I just have to plug an amazing doggie bakery here in Nashville, which is where we would have gotten her cake if she could’ve had one: See Spot Eat.  It’s where we got Oscar’s cake for him on his first birthday and it was a huge hit!   They also just so happen to be a drop-off location for Agape’s Annual Toy and Supply Drive.  So show ’em some love the next time you need baked good for your pooch’s special occasion!


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday Kaylee!

  1. unstuffing a stuffable is THE BEST treat ever!!! We have that rule… but sometimes, well, oh-well!

    Hope she enjoyed making a mini-snowstorm! And happy birthday to her! Sounds like a great day!


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